Brixton Village in the summer, July 2011

Brixton Village (or Granville Arcade as us old school Brixtonites like to call it) has undergone some massive changes in the last few years.

The future for the run-down indoor market looked bleak back in late 2008, when developers drew up plans that involved bolting on a hopelessly inappropriate ten story building and stripping the character out of the market.

Local resistance saw off these hideous plans, leaving the way for the Spacemakers to rejuvenate the market via art happenings and pop up shops – a process that wasn’t without controversy amongst some locals.

Fast forward to today, and the market has become a bustling addition to Brixton life, offering a wide range of excellent cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and more.

Scroll down for some recent photos of Brixton Village, and check out the links to archive images and features below.

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