Federation Coffee, Brixton – London’s finest coffee?

Federation Coffee, Brixton - London's finest coffee?

For Brixton’s coffee cognoscenti and caffeine-quaffing connoisseurs of the coffee bean, there’s one truly unmissable place on London’s cafe map, and that’s Federation Coffee.

Situated a short walk out of central Brixton, Federation Coffee can be found at Unit 46 in Brixton Village (formerly Granville Arcade), close to the junction of Atlantic Road and Coldharbour Lane – a short two minute walk from Brixton tube and railway stations.

Federation Coffee, Brixton - London's finest coffee?

Run by two amiable Kiwis, their coffee is sensationally good, with the cappuccinos coming with an attractive, carefully sculpted froth pattern that seems to be created by some complicated magical Antipodean process.

Federation Coffee, Brixton - London's finest coffee?

The home-made cakes, brownies and pastries are mighty fine too, with our favourite being the Blueberry Friand – a mouth-watering bargain at just £1.50.

Federation Coffee, Brixton - London's finest coffee?

Their current shop is a little, shall we say, intimate, but the good news is that they’re set to move a short distance inside the market to premises twice the size.

Federation Coffee, Brixton - London's finest coffee?

Best coffee in London?

The Federation boys currently use the ‘East’ blend of coffee roasted by Nude Espresso in East London, but they’re looking to set up their own coffee roastery soon. They’ve also got a wide range of single origin filter coffees from far flung places like El Salvador, Brazil, and the Harrar and Sidamo regions of Ethiopia.

Much as we like the coffees offered in nearby cafes like Goodbench, the Lounge, Ritzy and San Marino, we think that Federation rules the roost when it comes to fine coffee.

In fact, we’d even put them above the legendary Monmouth Coffee too, but don’t take our word for it – take a trip down to Brixton and try them out yourself!


  • Unit 46
  • Brixton Village Market/Granville
  • Coldharbour Lane
  • SW9 8PS

Opening Hours

  • 8am – 5pm Mon to Fri
  • 10am – 5pm Sat
  • Closed Sundays

[ info@federationcoffee.comFederation coffee]