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Street signs, shopfronts and graffiti seen around Beacon, Dutchess County, New York

Now being described as ‘Williamsburg on the Hudson,’ the small town of Beacon in the post-industrial Hudson Valley has seen big changes in recently years.

Many of those changes are in stark contrast to when I first visited back in November 2005. Back then, there was no fashionable coffee shops to be found, and certainly no cupcakery and artisan bakers.

With an influx of artists and ‘creatives’ moving into Beacon, street art has started to spring up on the otherwise untouched walls of the town, while fashionable restaurants and boutiques have opened up for business.

In 2011, the Gothamist rather harshly described this phenomenon as ‘Brooklyn Hipster Virus Spreads To Hudson Valley.’

Here’s a selection of photos from my travels walking around the town.

Bank Square coffee shop near the rail station.

In the A-Z Guide to Gentrification, cupcakes have been described as “the footsoldiers of gentrification.” Be warned, Beacon.

Rail crossing.

Old restaurant sign.

John’s shoe repairs. He’s an expert in leather, don’t you know.

Artwork by Bank Sq coffee shop.

Old warehouse which is set to be luxury apartments.

Closed shoe shop.

Fovea art gallery.

Beacon Institute bookstore and gallery.

Hudson Beach Glass.