Anti-gentrification graffiti in Williamsburg, New York City


The gentrification currently sweeping over Brixton reminds me of what happened to the Williamsburg neighbourhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

Just like in south London, locals have been priced out by developers as a more wealthier population takes over the former squats and arts centres.


These photos were taken around Williamsburg and nearby Greenpoint a few years ago, just as some big redevelopment schemes were being pushed through.

I doubt if I’m going to recognise much of the area when I go back again.


Anti-gentrification graffiti in Williamsburg, New York

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  1. But again, Editor, we come back to the point- is it better for this (what looks like) former industrial wasteland to remain unused? Is it better for families to move out to the suburbs, where they use a gas guzzling car to get a load of bread?

  2. Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with some knowledge of the area’s history before making more ill-informed assumptions?

    Williamsburg was not one big “industrial wasteland”. The changes in the area saw long serving community businesses priced out of their shops and also saw many local residents being displaced.

    This was as a result of rezoning which opened up the floodgates to developers who switfly contributes to rents rising and businesses closing.

    Here’s some further reading for you:

  3. It is really hard to keep loyal readers these days. Especially if you insult them. There was a simpler, more tactful way for you to make your point.

  4. In defense of Mike, I didn’t consider that insulting. I’m all for robust debate,. And yes, I don’t know enough about the history of the area. I’ll give those links a look when I get chance.

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