The Christmas cash-in continues as London drips in tacky, festive-themed advertising tat

London Christmas tacky tat: parts 1 & 2

We’re still a week away from December, but London is already dripping in tacky, festive-themed advertising tat, with all manner of big brands keen to turn the season of goodwill into a wallet-lining marketing opportunity.

London Christmas tacky advertising tat: parts 1 & 2

Carnaby Street has already taken the opportunity to  celebrate the, err, Rolling Stones’ long association with all things Christmassy, proudly sticking the band’s logo above the heads of shoppers.

I’m really not sure what’s ‘rock and roll’ about Carnaby Street, Christmas, the Stones logo or the bundles of oversized records suspended in the air, but I’m sure some swivel-action advertising exec can explain it all via the medium of PowerPoint and flipcharts.

London Christmas tacky advertising tat: parts 1 & 2

Perhaps the worst offender of all is these dreadful Marmite-branded illuminated adverts straddling London’s busiest shopping thoroughfare, Oxford Street.

They’re not decorations. They’re adverts. And they’re tacky and horrible.