Critical Mass and Offline report

Critical Mass and Offline report
Thursday’s Offline was great fun.

We had a full house and some great bands: first on The Molotovs were fantastic with a mad-for-it crowd and Salt and Blue delivered another fine set of hurdy-gurdy driven folk.

Mark Mace Smith did a superb job of standing in for Vic and MCing the cabaret, with comic superstar Robert Newman doing a fine turn.

Surprise of the night were the outstanding D’Archetypes, whose mix of British Asian satire, comedy and hip hop went down a storm.

Later on, a drunken editor vs dubversion mash-up got the drunken mob dancing till 2am. Great night!

Critical Mass

Last night we joined another busy ride across London, which meandered from Waterloo to Westminster to Traf Sq through the back streets of Soho before heading north to Euston.

With 17 miles on the clock, many beers were called for in the Albert later.

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