Big up the National Portrait Gallery!

Big up the National Portrait Gallery!

If you’re around the West End of London, be sure to check out the fabulous ‘Circling The Square’ photography exhibition, showing pictures taken in the last 160 years in Trafalgar Square.

There’s some stunning images of demos, peace protests and drunken Scots footie fans, along with some amazing images featuring the coronation procession, suffragette riots, a young Elizabeth Taylor being mobbed by pigeons, Michael Foot, Bertrand Russell, the poll tax demonstrations of 1990, and football’s World Cup in 2002. On the first floor, check out the Photographic Portrait Prize 2003 – there’s some top stuff there!

Tonight, I’ve been quaffing in the Albert, followed by a visit to the extremely lively Hobgoblin: the vibe in both pubs was fantastic.

And now the bad news: my ‘kin camera still hasn’t turned up despite several emails and calls to the incredibly shite Securicor delivery service (“why have humans when you can have robotic auto-messages”) and the mighty Cardiff City lost. At home.

Boo hoooo!

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