Powerpoint-tastic in the BT Tower


Pie charts! Flow charts! Statistics! Strap lines! Lots of blokes in suits!

Yep, I’m at an industry presentation and the air is alive with buzz words.

We’re talking ‘convergence’, ’empowerment’, ‘communications paradigm’,’vibrant choice’, ‘synergies’, ‘integrated marketplaces’, ‘call stimulation effect’, ‘intuitive possibilities’, ‘monetised content’, ‘revolutionary platforms” and ‘focused multimedia strategies’.

What does it all mean? Who knows! So why am I here? That’s easy – the conference is taking place in the BT Tower – a building I’ve been trying to get inside for years!

And now I’m enjoying some top quality, freebie posh food in the revolving restaurant on the 34th floor. Woohoo!

(Both pics taken with the built in camera on my Sony Clie NX70V palm pilot)

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