A cracking Brixton sunset in seven photos, complete with sun pillar

Brixton was treated to a stunning sunset tonight.  Here’s some views from high above Coldharbour Lane, SW9.

In case you’re wondering, all the photos were taken on an handheld OM-D camera with 14mm-50mm lens. No filters or Photoshopperty involved!

Update: it’s a sun pillar!

My knowledgeable science pal Owen tells me that the fourth pic above ‘shows the vestiges of a Sun pillar.’

Naturally I had no idea what one of those was, so he kindly posted up a link that explains all:  http://www.atoptics.co.uk/halo/pillar.htm.

The site explains:

Look for sun pillars near to sunset or sunrise.

They are narrow columns of light apparently beaming directly up and sometimes downwards from the sun. They can be 5 -10º tall and occasionally even higher.

Pillars are not actually vertical rays, they are instead the collective glints of millions of ice crystals.

I’ve now added another image below that shows off this effect more clearly (I thought it was lens flare at first, to be honest).


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  1. These are superb – would you consider selling a couple of prints? I would love to purchase 1 or 2 or my boyfriend’s Birthday and our flat. Thanks

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