Beanery cafe, Loughborough Junction, Brixton – review

Tucked away in a railway arch right next to Loughborough Junction railway station, is the Beanery cafe, a welcome addition to the rather bleak landscape around this stretch of Coldharbour Lane.

We visited on a day of wild summer storms, so there were no takers for the small area outside.

In better weather, it might be a rather pleasant place to sip cappuccino and wait for your train (or watch the traffic thunder by).

They’ve made good use of the limited space inside, and there’s free wi-fi, so it’s a good place to catch up on some work.

Despite its diminutive size, the cafe also puts on regular music events, usually on Fridays. Check out their  website for listings, or look on our sister Brixton listings site, BrixtonBuzz.

There’s also quizzes and other events taking place too – much kudos goes to the owners for putting so much effort in (and with Loughborough Junction losing all of its pubs, live entertainment venues are much-needed).

The food looked great and was reasonably priced too, although this time around we only had a coffee. We ordered a large cup, but this proved to be a bit of a mistake as the cup was near bucket sized!

The coffee wasn’t bad, but not for the bean cognoscenti (hardcore caffeine purists are advised to head to Federation Coffee in Brixton Village instead).

The interior decorations are fun and I liked the window out into the station waiting area. The lady serving was friendly and polite too.


I like this place a lot. It’s friendly, clean and tidy, has tasty looking food and I imagine it’s a whole load of fun on live music nights.

If you live nearby, it’s definitely worthy of your support!

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More info:
Beanery Loughborough Junction,
Coldharbour Lane, London, SE5
[Beanery on Facebook] [Google Maps]

2 Comments on “Beanery cafe, Loughborough Junction, Brixton – review”

  1. I think it’s changed hands over the past year, certainly all the old staff have gone. It’s pretty terrible these days – they sold me a rock-solid stale croissant the other day, and like the guy above says their food hygiene is appalling.

    Avoid and go to Blue Turtle on the other side of the railway arch (next to the bus stop). Far better.

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