Brixton tube station: then and now

Brixton tube station: then and now

Long term Brixton residents will remember the tube station before its extremely lengthy refurb, and here’s a couple of photos showing how the scene has changed in the past 36 years.

In the 1976 view above, you can see a rather understated tube entrance, flanked by a Dorothy Perkins and, further to the left,  Colliers, who liked to describe themselves as, ‘Brixton’s Finest Furnishing Store.”

To the far right you can see part of the old footbridge that crossed Brixton Road. It took a discussion on the urban75 forums to find out more about this long forgotten piece of Brixton history, with one poster commentating:

The bridge was pretty much on top of the pedestrian crossing which was always there (and which most people opted for). I think it survived until the mid 70s. It was a girder monstrosity with big planks laid across for the steps and bridge span – they flexed a fair bit when a bus went underneath.

More info: The Mystery of the Brixton Road footbridge
Brixton tube station: then and now

In this modern view (April 2012), you can see how station and surrounding area has changed dramatically.

Dorothy Perkins and Colliers have been replaced by WH Smith and  Sainsburys – note the graffiti covering the top of the building and the unattractive first floor windows that lurch on to the street – while a pedestrian crossing has replaced the footbridge.

The short arcade that ran to the left of the station entrance through to Electric Lane remains out-of-bounds, while to the right a Starbucks has been wedged in.

For more info and archive images, check out our Brixton tube station feature or join in the discussion: Brixton tube station back in the day.

[Archive image courtesy of Lambeth Landmark]

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