Busking drummer blasts out the beats in Brixton


I’m used to being greeted by all sorts of weird and wonderful noises when I come out of Brixton tube, but tonight the volume level was a bit higher than usual, with a busker blasting away on a full-sized drum kit.


Most buskers use tiny drum kits, but this fella had an immense set up, with a substantial array of toms, cymbals, cowbells and twin snare drums,  supplemented by a laptop, lights, monitor speaker and a generator to power it all.

With that amount of equipment, he probably needs a small van and a roadie or two to lug all the gear about – and he’d have no chance of making a quick getaway of the cops get on his case!

Busking drummer blasts out the beats in Brixton

That said, he’s a fantastic drummer and should be known to most seasoned festival goers as he often pops up in at UK events across the summer –  the last time I saw him he was bashing merry hell out of his kit at the Boomtown festival (see photo below).

Boomtown Fair festival 2012 at The Bowl, Matterley Estate, nr. Winchester, Hampshire with music, theatre, comedy and art, Thursday 9th until Sunday 12th August 2012

If you’re after a small drum kit yourself, check out this guide: Building and buying an extra small, super-portable drum kit for gigging drummers

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  1. We saw that guy on Saturday evening and it was a full on show with a great beat! there was a guy sitting next to him with a plastic bucket drumkit. a great and very different show!

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