Heavy rain on a train window, England

Rain on a train window, England

There’s something wonderfully melancholic about gazing out of a ¬†train window on a gloomy winter’s afternoon and hearing the heavy rain hitting the window.

Rain on a train window, England

I was on a train winding through the Sussex countryside on my way to the faded seaside resort of Bognor Regis, and got lost in my thoughts watching the rivulets of water stream across the carriage window.

On my headphones was the suitably contemplative and wistful sounds of the Innocence Mission’s ‘My Room In The Tree’s album – this song seemed particularly poignant.

Rain on a train window, England

The rain stopped briefly, and out of the gloom loomed the magnificent sight of Arundel Castle across the heathland.

It looked magical…

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  1. Oh yes, I have many memories of doing exactly that, and on the same train line … from age 11 to 16, travellin daily from Littlehampton to Horsham where I went to high school … I’m off on a nostalgia trip now!

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