Mini rave in Trafalgar Square!

One & Other is a live artwork by sculptor Antony Gormley, giving 2,400 participants the chance to spend an hour alone on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square for 100 days and nights.

Urban75 regular external linkMation bagged herself a slot at the ungodly time of 2am to 3am on a chilly Friday morning, and a big turn out of Urbanites were in attendance to join in the party. And what a party it was!

Through some cunning technological wizardry, the music being played on the plinth was piped through this mobile sound system, getting the square resonating to techno.

The security guard jobsworths kicked off, so the sound system was moved out of their jurisdiction to the north of the plinth.

It felt like a proper old school rave, bringing back a little bit of the flavour of the fabulous Reclaim the Streets event in 1997.

urban75 rocking around the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square

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