Moonwalkers – an immersive ride into the wonders of the Apollo space missions at the London Lightroom

I’ve been fascinated by NASA and the Apollo space missions all my life,  so I didn’t want to miss The Moonwalkers: A Journey With Tom Hanks, an immersive, one hour cinema experience at  the London Lightroom, near King’s Cross.

Lightroom opened in February 2023 and is currently hosting two shows: The Moonwalkers and a David Hockney exhibition.

As is the vogue for immersive experiences, huge projections cover every surface of the large rectangular-shaped gallery.

Although it makes for a hugely impressive spectacle, you may find yourself leaving with neck or back  ache because it’s impossible to see everything without constantly turning around, looking up or changing position.

But it’s worth the pain because it really is quite a remarkable journey into humankind’s greatest achievement and the almighty, floor shaking roar that accompanies the visuals of a Saturn V rocket taking off  is as close as you can get to being there.

And, of course, Tom Hanks makes for a compelling narrator, doing a wonderful job of explaining both the Apollo missions of the past and the Artemis mission of the future,

At £25 for an adult, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s an experience that will long stick in the mind.  A must for all space fans, young and old.

More info

The Moonwalkers: A Journey With Tom Hanks
Runs until 13 October 2024
12 Lewis Cubitt Square
London, N1C 4DY

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