Morrissey at the Roundhouse

Morrissey at the Roundhouse

We loved this show.

Great, great venue. Opening song: “How soon is now”. “First Of The Gang To Die” rocked. “Stretch out and wait” was beautiful.

Morrissey at the Roundhouse

We got very, very, very drunk. It was a fantastic night out.

The Roundhouse feels like a proper rock’n’roll venue inside with lots of bars keeping you topped up with £3.50 Kronenbourgs in pint (plastic) glasses.

The main area is all standing so there’s none of that ‘sitting down’ nonsense.

Morrissey at the Roundhouse

Lovely to see the back of the stage covered with three giant pictures of a Welshman too (in case you can’t see who it is through the murky fuzz of my extreme lo-res Treo cameraphone pictures, it was Richard Burton, clutching a drink).

Morrissey finished with “Irish Blood, English Heart” and “Last Of The Famous International Playboys.”

Benefit for Ringolevio

On Saturday night I went to an old school, no-nonsense dutty squat party, held in honour of the much-liked urban75 poster Ringolevio who passed away recently. It was as full on and in-yer-face as you like!

I took this picture of a little golden star that someone had stuck on to some plastic flowers hanging in a basket at Highbury and Islington station and thought of Ringolevio.

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  1. Disappointed does not come close. I have been a fan for over 20 years, as have many who were there this Friday night. To leave with no comment after 3 songs (all great by the way), to leave a loyal audience without any info for 10-15 minutes, to not have the decency to appear, explain and apologise, or even ask a band member to do so, but to instead send out a bunch of celebrity liggers to laugh in our faces say he was ‘unwell’ was cowardly, rude and disrespectful. He should have cancelled after the soundcheck if he had any doubts about his health/voice. In fact, he was the only one there not having a great time – he should have seen it through. Many people travelled a long way, to great expense. Like me, they’d probably been looking forward to it for months. We all deserved much better, and somewhere behind that diva facade, he knows it too.

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