NHS blood-spilling direct action at Charing Cross – photos

NHS Direct Action at Charing Cross - photos

With Friday, April 1st being ‘All Together for the NHS Day‘ actions are taking place all across the UK to raise awareness about and protest against the Health and Social Care Bill.

The campaign group explains:

The Health and Social Care bill has no mandate or support from voters, patients or health workers and professionals. Our NHS is not for sale. We do not want private companies to cherry pick profitable slices of NHS services. We do not want £20 billion of cuts. We do not want 50,000 job losses.

NHS Direct Action at Charing Cross - photos

In Charing Cross earlier today, NHS Direct Action protesters met to enact a three-part play portraying Health Secretary Andrew Lansley as a blood sucking, all-privatising fiend.

It looked a whole load of fun!

[Pics: goldtopgirl – more to follow later]


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