The top ten most popular posts on the urban75 blog so far…

London Naked Bike Ride 2011 through central London from Hyde Park, Saturday June 11th 2011

Although I’ve had a blog of some description being updated on urban75 since the site first started (waaaay back in 1994/5), it’s only fairly recently that I transferred from Blogger and started publishing the blog using WordPress.

The blog was moved over to the WordPress content management system in March 2010, and thanks to its built-in monitoring tools I’ve been able to keep an eye on how traffic has grown and find out which pages have proved the most popular.

So, here’s the all-time top ten posts on this blog so far.

1. The London Shard at London Bridge, London SE1 continues to soar (Nov 16th 2010)

2. Naked Bike Ride London (June 13th 2009)

3. Student protest: pic of the day (Dec 10th 2010)

4. Photos: Selfridges at the Brum Bullring (Feb 28th 2007)

5. London Slutwalk 2011- full photo report (June 13th 2011)

6. Camden Market photos (March 15th 2007)

7. ‘Lice Sex Shop,’ bookshops, old hospitals and autumnal London street scenes (Oct 22nd 2010)

8. BT Telecom Tower restaurant plans abandoned (Dec 23rd 2010)

9. Remembering Broad Street railway station, London (March 30th 2010)

10. London Naked Bike Ride 2011 – all the wobbly bits in a full photo report (June 14th 2011)

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