Unfinished London and the Ring Roads that never were

Unfinished London and the Ring Roads that never were

Written and presented by the ever-entertaining  Jay Foreman, I’ve rather enjoyed this video about the 1970s motorway-crazed London ‘Ringways’  project that – thankfully – never fully came to life.

A Westway for SW9

Brixton was going to be particularly blighted by one of these proposed ring road schemes, with an elevated motorway planned to tower above Coldharbour Lane – see the proposed plans here.

Although the scheme was eventually abandoned, work on the daunting Barrier Block had already started, which explains why the centre of Brixton ended up with a building that  rather looks like a prison.

If you’ve not seen Foreman’s work before, be sure to check out his equally amusing piece on the  Northern Line extension that never was.

[London: Roads to nowhere (Independent)]

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  1. If you enoyed this one then you may enjoy our first Unfinished London episode called Northern Heights about an unfinished extension to the Northern Line:

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