Zoom into Brixton from the BT Tower in the world’s biggest panoramic image


BT has commissioned an astonishing interactive panorama which lets users pan around London and zoom in to see incredible levels of detail.


Taken from the BT Tower in central London and stitched from nearly 50,000 individual photos, the image claims to be the biggest  panoramic photo ever taken.

Such is the resolution of the image that zooming directly in from the view above will take you right down to the view of the Brixton Academy below (note the mural on the side).

View Brixton from the BT Tower in the world's biggest panoramic image

Unfortunately, a large chunk of central Brixton is obscured by the ruddy Millbank Tower and a summer haze means that areas like Brockwell Park are a little fuzzy.


That said, you can still spot lots of Brixton landmarks in the panorama, like the tower blocks on Barrington Road.


Here’s Brixton’s Barrier Block, with Brockwell Park in the background.

Find out the background to the panorama here, or dive straight into the panorama here.

Go straight to a Brixton view here.

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