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Genoa 2001
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Genoa guide
from SchNEWS 13th July, 2001

Its yer no-nonsense SchNEWS guide to Genoa: Any problems crossing the Italian border hang around and email or tel +39-333460372 coming from France, coming from Switzerland tel.:+41-763302443, coming from Austria tel +39-3480345857.

Try to get to Genoa by the 18th as then the real crackdown starts. In the west of Genoa is the "red zone" where, only G8 delegates, cops and residents are allowed. Police are apparently making 1,200 ID checks a day, so don't look dodgy, although it seems gas masks are not forbidden to carry, (but they are hard to get hold of).

The Convergence Point has space for 20,000 people, lots of info, and the venue for the public forum. Get to it from Stazione Brignole and walk down Via le Brig. Partigiane towards the coast until you reach the parking lot. A few hundred metres away in Via Cesare Battista are 2 schools (press centre, independent media centre, computer access and meeting space).

Bring a tent and sleeping bag for accommodation as hotels are limited, Carlini Stadium (in the east) can hold at least 1,200 people where the White Overalls are converging, more places to be announced. The social centre Terra di Nosuno has some resources and camping area.

But it is in the west of the city and so may be easily isolated, but it could be useful for staging entry to the Red Zone, get to it by Bus 35 (not 35/ to the mountains!) from the principal square in front of the pharmacy to stadium Lagacchio.

English speakers are wanted in Genoa for helping out in the legal support office, if you wish to help call 0039 0118178142. This number can also be used as a contact for English speakers going to Genoa.


Dates: 18th Concert at Convergence point
19th Migrants international march, 5pm, Principe Square
20th Direct actions to surround and enter the Red Zone
21st International March, 4pm, Corso Europa.
More info: and

Convergence from 16th at Bologna Social Centre TPO with a mass bloc of people leaving for Genoa on the 18th at 6pm from Bologna central station. If people are interested they should email with the subject line 'GENOA'.

If you can't get to Genoa, there are actions at Campsfield Detention Centre (nr Oxford) 19-22 July. Join refugee groups and the Wombles in solidarity with G8 protestors and refugees at a protest camp. Also Critical Mass from Oxford Station on 21st, see or call 07900 653990 for more info.

Genoa solidarity action Birmingham - 'defending the right to protest' outside McDonalds off Corporation Street, 21st 1pm 07980 415577

What's your opinion on the protest?
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