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Genoa anti capitalist protest July 2001 back next page
Genoa 2001

"Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible will make violent revolutions inevitable" President Kennedy

G8 explained (BBC)
Globalisation report (Guardian)

Genoa Summit Meeting 2001
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Genoa 2001
Reports and reaction from the massive demonstration against the G8 meeting in Genoa, Italy.

Post-Genoa protests:
Portland & Edinburgh 24.07.01
Manchester protest 24.07.01
London: lawyer's account 23.07.01
London protest 22.07.01

Post-Genoa comment:
Will a death in the family breathe life into the movement? 08.08.01
BBC: Unbalanced coverage 05.08.01
Indymedia press compilation 01.08.01

Genoa reports:
Police brutality... 27.07.01
Reports from Genoa jails 24.07.01
Raid: eyewitness account 22.07.01
Police raid camp 22.07.01
Convergence centre raided 22.07.01
Patriot missiles and luxury 21.07.01
One dead, tens of thousands ready to respond! 20.07.01
Libera Genova! 20.07.01
Genova -personal report 20.07.01
Genoa? She's like a sister to me 19.07.01
video report (real audio)
Walden Bello audio (real audio)
Genoa: first report 20.07.01
Genoa report from the streets 19.07.01
Genoa guide 14.07.01
Indymedia reports
> other actions

media reports:
Police brutality BBC 26.07.01
1,500 mourn G8 victim Guardian 26.07.01
Five G8 Britons freed BBC 25.07.01
Pull corporate HQs Guardian 24.07.01
Police 'revenge' raid Guardian 24.07.01
Genoa police raid BBC 22.07.01
Second day of violence BBC 21.07.01
Trouble flares again Guardian 21.07.01
'Red zone' breach? Reuters 20.07.01
Protester shot dead

forumson the forums
> G8 protester murdered

> general discussion

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Legal disclaimer: all reports, comments and press releases are reproduced here for information purposes only. All opinions stated are those of the individual authors and are not the responsibility of urban75. urban75 supports peaceful protest and non violent direct action and does not support violence against people or property.

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