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Genoa 2001
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Genoa: Convergence centre raided
22nd July 2001

Italian police raided the convergence centre (where many demonstrators were staying) and Italian independent media centre at 00:10 this morning 22/7/01. Although the raids were supposed to be about seizing video evidence they have been used as an excuse to beat up and hospitalise rather than to arrest people.

Its been a busy weekend, so we’re attempting to keep people up to speed with whats happening in Genoa, Bonn and else where.

There are many DIY video journalists out in the field at the moment...we hope they're all safe... Here's a few reports that we’ve managed to track down…

IMC = Independent media centre or Indymedia

Genoa Update:

Latest : The indymedia center in Genoa has been raided. There are reports emerging of many injuries in and around the center, some serious. There are reports of one UK indymedia person hospitalized. There are still unconfirmed rumours of a second death…a Spanish girl who was truncheoned as she was running away from the cops. It appears that the police are seizing journalists video tapes, photographs, and computer equipment. There are also widespread reports of police 'agent provocateurs at work.

Italy IMC radio live!

Italy IMC


State terror in Genoa
by Fransisco Rojas

What can I say. I’ve been unable to write for the last day and a half because there is an unending flood of traumatized people who need help and are two tired, hungry and shocked to find the answers they need.

We have managed with great difficulty to set up an information table across from the IMC so that we can try to answer all the questions that people have and to take down the briefest summaries of the facts they know.

Just a few minutes ago a small white car plowed through the people in the small street outside. Thankfully people seem to have gotten out of its way in time. The aggressiveness of the attack got people running after it. We tried to calm things down before they got out of hand.


We are an island of relative tranquility here and we are a mecca to people looking for refuge. I have seen too many people being brought in on stretchers, limping holding bandages to their heads, fractured cheekbones and noses, all being brought into the infirmary downstairs.

The police have been tear-gassing crowds at random quiet moments to have an excuse to attack. The non-violent majority are simply speechless.

The police let the violent protesters go about their looting and concentrate on beating pacifists.

Without doubt, agent provocateurs are working for the police to try and provoke the incidents. (even as I was writing that another provocation happened outside on the street, but cooler heads have prevailed a second time) .

I fear it is only a matter of time before the police succeed in provoking the justification. (as I write we have been told the police are forming on the ends of the street outside and people are lined up on the pizzaria around the corner.

Now is the time to turn yourself into the police or do the work you need to do…

What's your opinion on the protest?
> Debate the issues here!

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