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Genoa 2001
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Reports from Genoa jails
By Pet Kuna, reproduced on Indymedia 24th July 2001

Report about what happened in the jails and police stations in Genova (english) by Pet Kuna 2:06am Tue Jul 24 '01

On monday, july 23rd, a group of media activists were allowed to visit some of the Imprisoned in the jails and prisons in Genova. They Could talk about five minutes to some of the imprisoned.

Report from the jail 'Vercelli'

The media activists could speak to three women, five minutes each. The women declared that they all have been beaten, when they were arrested and/or in jail/at the police station. The wounds at their heads and in the faces emphasised the reports.

The situation of the men seems to be much more serious. The three women told that they could hear the men being tortured and 'punished' throughout the whole night.

Report from another Police station in Genova:

Except for one women all others were sorted in nationalities and put into 2-3 cells. Although it seems that they were treated better than the people in 'Vercelli', they have been beaten and kicked when they went to the toilet.

The police shouted at them and used bad words. But they (the imprisoned) all told, that it could have been worse. Some were allowed to make phonecalls.


Report from other women arrested on saturday (in jail 'Vercelli'):

Some of the women told that they were not beaten, but there were other terrible things happening in there. The police were obviously organized fascist, e.g. they called the imprisoned 'fucking jewish gypsies' or they were shouting 'hasta la victoria siempre' while showing the Hitler's Greeting. There were Mussolini Pictures on the walls.

Teargas was thrown into the cells, so that somebody who stood next to the prisoners was vomiting blood. Some of the women were forced to stand 19 hours with their arms lifted, without getting nothing to drink for the same time.

there only was one police officer, that was obviously shocked by himself and brought about 200ml. of water for about nineteen people. One's person's leg was broken and couldn't stand up anymore. she/he was beaten until she managed to stand up somehow leaning to the wall.

The people in jail reported that the police women were much worse than the men. They pulled people by their hair and the imprisoned had the. impression they were 'total psychopaths'!

Distribute this information, organize solidarity actions worldwide and do whatever.... but do something!!!


What's your opinion on the protest?
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