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Reports, reflections and comment about the Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, UK 1995
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Glastonbury 1995
Memories from urban75 posters

wiskey: Yep, I was there I remember it being very hot and Greenpeace being very was cool, one of the more hectic years though. PJ harvey bounced around the stage in a bright pink suit, the NME stage still had a name and it was the first year of the new pyramid which Pulp graced at short notice and did their awesome live performance of Common People.

corporate whore: Yeah I was there, but it's the one I remember least about... have more memories of the trip down, 'cos I got a lift with some head-massaging, no-shoes wearing, old-van driving, proper crusties (via a Stonehenge stop-off, naturally). Oh and stayed till Tuesday, for the first and only time ever, so we could get a lift back.

Can't remember seeing any bands apart from The Black Crowes, which freaked me out a little due to their habit of costumed mascots and mine of mushrooms.

I was there with a whole load of people, only one of whom I now know.. the only year I got my tent robbed. Hang on, it's all coming flooding back!

Strange seeing those photos, Ed. Does look like a different festival, especially the one at the Stone Circle, which seems to have lost its drawing power latterly (because there's more to do at night, perhaps?).

And there was me thinking talk of change was overblown... hmm. Food for thought

Fuzzy: I was there in 95. it was my first Glastonbury as a young 18 year old. Biggest memory for me about that year was taking my first E to orbital on Saturday night. It seemed an awful lot bigger then than it did this year even though this year was probably so much larger. I remember the sun shone all weekend. happy days.

Dubversion: one of the best...I went by myself - ie without a partner - for the first time, and loved it because I just spent the whole weekend running into different groups of people I knew and bouncing (often literally) all over the site... and I must confess to helping pull the fence down up by the sacred circle..


Wolfie: It was my first Glasto too - part of my 40th birthday celebrations. I was up and about really early too as it was so hot in my tent I couldn't sleep.

I seem to remember I also went and had a shower one morning in a kind of a hut with a wood fired boiler for the water. I had a brilliant time and didn't take any drugs at all and hardly drank anything

I also remember a mate and I went halves on a ticket, I drove with him hidden under stuff in the back of the car to get in the car park, then I went in through the gates and he came over the fence.

Yossarian: 1993 was the first Glastonbury I'd been to and I loved it - I can't remember what bands I saw apart from PJ Harvey and Orbital but they were both brilliant. When we were sat in the car queuing up to park it came over the radio that John Major had resigned and a lot of people cheered - I heard his resignation speech sampled a few times that weekend and Orbital shone his face up with a big red "X" across it during "Satan". (Of course, it turned out later that he hadn't really resigned for good and was just fucking around...)

I'd only come back to England from Hong Kong a couple of days before the festival for the first time in a few years so I was in a state of mild culture shock all weekend and kept bumping into people who I hadn't seen in years and years.

Dweller: Some friends and I got a lift down there at the last minute, the sun was shining and we just thought fuck it we HAVE to go.

Armed with rucksacks filled with cheese and tomato sandwiches cans of warm kestrel super and a nice assortment of other things.

We clambered through several fields, met the nice folks at the Kings Hill field and then over the fence...

A great Glasters, beautiful acid tinged sunsets. WAR played all night on the jazz stage. Sitting by those totem poles in the sunshine losing all sense of time as the lsd took hold and this beautiful woman sitting near us. gently removed all her clothing to soak up the early evening sun.

And the warm kestrel super tasted like angels piss. We thought we had gone to heaven.

DJWrongspeed: This was me first Glasto too. I remember going to the dance tent on friday lunchtime, it was much smaller than it is now. It was empty, bizarrely, there were a few people wandering through thinking 'what's all this about?'

I was electrified by the drum'n'bass from the Massive Attack sound system, first time i'd heard it played out huge. By the end of the w/e it was rammed of course with hoards of dealers selling dodgy pills.

And who can forget the scouser invasion all charging in to see a non-existent Stone Roses

Zak Bionic: Sat around watching the early highlights on TV with a room full of people. Just knew I had to be there. 'Why don't we?' Says I

7 hours later we are onsite after 10 of us poor, ticketless, tentless, foodless, senseless fools had crammed into my van.

Remember....talking to Jarvis after he came off stage and out for a wander, held up by two girls and sticking him a tape I had promised him into his pocket. He had no idea where he was methinks...

The new Dance tent being rammed full. Were Simple Minds on? Madness. Naked pole climbers at the Stones. Being lost a lot.



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