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A brief bit of background

urban75 is a Brixton-based (UK), non-profit independent site founded by a Cardiff City FC-loving Welshman living in Brixton.

The site's been online since 1995 with the DIY, keep-it-cheap approach meaning that the site has ended up being spread over three domains, (home to the original site), (where the site expanded when we ran out of server space) and (home to the bulletin boards).

The entire urban75 site now attracts in excess of quarter of a million page impressions per day, but remains independent and non-commercial.

We continue to shun lucrative advertising and corporate sponsorship deals, with the site being run and maintained by the editor and moderating team.

Hyperlocal and crowdfunded before the buzzwords were even dreamt up, our considerable server costs are being met by anonymous voluntary donations from users. We remain 'umbled and grateful to all those of you who are helping keep these popular boards online and advert-free.

If you'd like to help out, please click on our donate page.

The .com and .org domains are run and written by the editor, while the busy bulletin boards are looked after by a team of hard working volunteer moderators.

The site has grown organically over the years and has no preset agenda or long term set aim.

Similarly, urban75 has no affiliation with any political party, philosophy or campaign group, whether they be mainstream, independent, overground, underground or wombling free.

For that reason we haven't got a snappy 'mission statement'. That tends to confuse people, so we get called all manner of things, like:

"outstanding and original" - Lonely Planet London guide 2010
" - the naughty corner of British politics" - The Register
"anti-globalisation site" (New Statesman)
"a website mainly subscribed to by people who live in Brixton because they value the bohemian liberality of the area" (Independent)
"anarchist site" (Daily Mail)
"anarchist site" (Sun)
"extremist anarchist site" (Sunday People)
"website about anarchy and drugs" (BBC)
"one of the leading political discussion and campaigning sites in Britain" (Jeremy Paxman, BBC Newsnight)
"Top 50 London website" Time Out
"The premier uk direct action e-zine" The Guardian
"Vogue Loves... logging onto" Vogue magazine (!)
"Brixton-edited street-culture magazine website" (Independent)
"alternative website" (BBC2)
"site well known for discussions of direct action and anarchism" (Independent)
"agitprop website" (Sun)
"subversive website" (Big Issue)
"London's #1 community website" Time Out
"website devoted to discussing direct action protests, anarchy and drug issues" (Mirror)
"radical alternative website" (Evening Standard)
"renowned for its coverage of direct-action protests, drugs and anarchism" (Evening Standard)
" a Brixton-edited website favoured by anarchists and anti-capitalists," (Guardian)
"underground site" (BBC Radio 5)
"community action website" (BBC)
"protest website" (Telegraph)
" a radical online website" (Guardian)
"a website some regard to be subversive and anarchic" (BBC Radio 4)
"a website run by anarchists" (The Sun)
"a Wolfie Smith website" (Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail)

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