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The community

Out of the boards, a real life community has developed, with posters from the boards forming diverse groups such as a Book Club, Craft Club, Walking Club, Curry Club, a football club and a radio station, with photographers on the site taking part in a monthly photo competition.

Club nights

In September 2001, the first 'Urbanites club' night was held at the Brixton Telegraph club.

Organised by the site's posters already involved in club promotion, the night came out of a desire to bring members of the fast-growing community together.

There were at least 12 of these dedicated U75 nights between the end of 2001 and 2003, from which lasting relationships and even in some cases marriages and children were formed!

Musically, these events were dance music based, and featured mainly house music and techno, with occasional diversions into jungle, ska, drum and bass and breakbeat.


Offline Club

The 'Urbanite' events have now been effectively succeeded by the Offline club night, a free monthly event, usually in Brixton and central London (and occasionally New York).

Live acts have included Howard Marks (Mr Nice), Jim Bob (Carter USM), Milk Kan, Tom Robinson (TRB), JC001 (beatbox rapper), TV Smith (The Adverts), Gina Birch (The Raincoats), Katy Carr and Helen McCookeryBook, with guest DJ slots from Lester Square (Monochrome Set) and performances from Vic Lambrusco, Luke Wright and The Actionettes!

The club started life in the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton in February 2004, but ever-growing crowds forced a move to larger, multi-room premises at Brixton's famous Dogstar club, followed by an additional fortnightly 'Offline2' event at Birkbeck College, central London and a one-off event in New York on November 2005.

Every month, the club offers an eclectic, fast moving selection of talent including DJs, poets, comedians, acoustic acts, bands, dancing girls, book readings, multimedia, political talks and more - and it's all completely free!

Other club events closely associated with urban75 or its posters include the infamous 'Hedgeparties', (outdoor raves held somewhere in South London), the 'People's Republic of Disco' (PROD), 60s-indie dance club, How Does It Feel To Be Loved and dub/dance specialists The Ministry of Unsound.

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