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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Trinity Buoy Wharf and Container City, Docklands - photos

Here's the second part of our walk last weekend. Trinity Buoy Wharf is a great place to visit, and the diner was ace too!

More pics:
Trinity Bouy Wharf
Container City

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East India Docks and Basin walk - photos

We went for a walk around East India DLR station on Saturday and had an unexpectedly pleasant walk.

Parts of it feel very Brooklyn-esque: wide open spaces, industrial decay and hoity toity apartments all rubbing together.

Here's a few pics:

East India basin.

None more 'LA' looking!|

More pics:
East India Docks and Basin walk photos
More East India Docks and Basin pics

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

London snow: frozen Serpentine lake and Trafalgar Square fountains

I've never seen London this cold and snow before, with both the Trafalgar Square fountains and the entire Serpentine lake frozen solid. And I love it!

Here's some pics:

Hyde Park snow scenes - frozen Serpentine lake, snow covered park and other winter photographs, central London 9th January 2010

More photos:

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

I didn't even know this was going on, but came across it while we were taking in a winter's walk across Hyde Park.

I didn't expect a lot, but it was actually really rather lovely. It's on till the 3rd January and it's free.

More pics

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Borders bookstore RIP

The whole Borders UK operation is winding up this week, dumping over 1,100 people on the dole on Christmas Eve.

Here's the last days of the Charing Cross Road branch.


More photos


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Climate Change camp, Trafalgar Square

Situated slap bang in the middle of Trafalgar Square, one of London's most famous landmarks and tourist attractions, the Climate Camp picked a perfect place to publicise their cause.

Pitching up after the Wave march on the previous Saturday, the camp was set up to protest against the 'elitist and undemocratic' UN climate summit in Copenhagen.

After the famously heavy handed policing at this year's G20 protests in the City of London, the cops seem to have adopted a 'softly softly' approach, with the camp remaining in place on the following Wednesday.

More Climate Camp photos

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Climate change march, London

Some pics from today's demo at Parliament Square:

More pics: here

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Ghost Forest in the rain, Trafalgar Square

Standing in Trafalgar Square for one week only was an unusual art exhibition featuring the large tree stumps from nine different species sourced from Suhuma forest reserve, a commercially logged tropical forest in Western Ghana.

The fully grown trees would have reached around 50 metres - the same height as Nelson's Column.

The hefty stumps distributed around the square were designed to raise questions about the future of the world's vulnerable forests, although we found ourselves wondering how much of a carbon footprint was created by lugging the things here.

The Ghost Forest installation finished on Sunday Nov 22 2009 and headed off to a public square in Copenhagen, to be seen during the UN Climate Change Conference.





More pics here.

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Autumn leaves and late night gasometers

Photos of late night gasometers, Andrews Road, Hackney, London E8, November 2009

I love Autumn!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Kingsway old tram tunnel

I've been wanting to visit this disused tram station for ever, so was well chuffed to get the opportunity to take a wander around on Saturday.

Here's some pics:

Loads more:

Kingsway Tram Tunnel

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Monday, September 21, 2009

My exciting day as a movie extra on 'Blitz'

Today, I spent the day employed on a film set near Smithfield Market, central London.

My day mainly involved me standing in street, drinking coffee, chatting to other extras and watching the film crew milling about.

Some hours later I was assigned a 'walking down the street' part, which involved being a silhouetted blob moving in front of a couple who were eating in a restaurant.


I shuffled around in front of the camera a few times more. At one point my role was reduced to being just a reflection in the window, but things were livened up by the director having a fabulous headphone throwing hissy fit.

The film is called 'Blitz' and it features Jason Statham playing an "aggro cop." I doubt if I can be arsed to see it when it comes out, but look out for a be-dreaded reflection in the window of the restaurant scene.

That'll be me!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Actionettes at Vauxhall Duckie Club

The Actionettes put on a fabulous show last night at Duckie ? and the crowd went seriously wild for them!

A few pics:



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Reclaim the beach, London

Had a terrific time at Reclaim the Beach last night, dancing on the sandy shores of the River Thames before the incoming tide took the dancefloor away!

Here's a few photos:

Reclaim the Beach Party on the Thames

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