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Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Sclater Street walk, London E1, England, UK, February 2007
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Spitalfields and Brick Lane
Into the east end of London
(Photos/words © urban75, 3rd February 2007)

Continuing our City walk, we headed into Spitalfields Market and then up Brick Lane.

Like many parts of London, the area is in a state of flux, with the City of London effectively expanding into the area with the recent construction of large modern office blocks between Bishopsgate and Spitalfields Market.

Christ Church, Spitalfields
Situated on Commercial Street, just outside the eastern border of the City of London, is Christ Church Spitalfields, a dominating structure by Nicholas Hawksmoor.

Started in 1714 and completed in 1729, the massive construction was the Anglican's church's way of saying, "we're the boss!" to the growing French Huguenots population in the area.

By 1960, the building had become so run down that the roof was deemed unsafe with services being held elsewhere. Being the 1960s, there were even plans to demolish this remarkable structure.

A series of restoration programs saw the portico at the west end repaired and cleaned in 1986, and the 202 ft tower and spire consolidated and cleaned in 1997.

Hawksmoor's magnificent double flight of steps on the south side were reinstated in 1999, with the interior enjoying a full restoration in 2004.

Luminaries and Visionaries exhibition at Kinetica art gallery, inside the old Spitalfields Market, London
Luminaries and Visionaries exhibition at Kinetica art gallery, inside the old Spitalfields Market.

Luminaries and Visionaries exhibition at Kinetica art gallery, inside the old Spitalfields Market, London
Although the exhibition was a bit external link Nathan Barley, it was kind of fun and some of the pieces were interesting.

Luminaries and Visionaries exhibition at Kinetica art gallery, inside the old Spitalfields Market, London
Taking the lift down the ground floor of the gallery.


Ten Bells public house, Spitalfields Market, London
Ten Bells public house, Commercial Street, Spitalfields. This is reputed to be the pub where Jack the Ripper met his prostitute victims.

Old shopfront, Spitalfields London
Entrance to the premises of S Schwartz.

Brick Lane, junction with Princelet Street., London
Brick Lane, junction with Princelet Street, E1.

Dray Walk off Brick Lane, London
Dray Walk off Brick Lane.

Dray Walk off Brick Lane, London
Old bank sign with the Truman brewery chimney - a local landmark - in the background.


 Coffee@ Brick Lane, 157 Brick Lane, London
The lively Coffee@ Brick Lane cafe, 157 Brick Lane, serving up fair trade coffee. Respect!

Brick Lane, London
Brick lane view.

Blackman's shoe stores on the corner of Cheshire Street and Grimsby Street, London E1
Blackman's shoe stores on the corner of Cheshire Street and Grimsby Street.

Grimsby Street, London E1
Lower East Side-style graffiti in London! Motorcycle spares shop in Grimsby Street, E1.


Grimsby Street at night,
Grimsby Street at night.

Grimsby Street at night,
Corner of Brick Lane and Sclater Street, an area once noted for its live bird market:

"Here was to be seen the East End bird-fancier in all his glory, surrounded by his pets and his pals. This little Street in Shoreditch forms the common meeting-ground for buyer and seller, chopper and changer...One side of the crowded thoroughfare is entirely taken up with shops, in the windows of which are to be seen all manner of wicker and fancy cages—from the largest 'breeder' to the tiniest 'carrying cage '— and birds of every description dear to the fancy—linnets, mules, canaries, chaffinches, bullfinches, starlings, and 'furriners.' " external link Victorian London


Graffiti on Sclater Street, London E1
Graffiti on Sclater Street, which runs along the soon-to-be-developed remains of external link Bishopsgate station.

Grimsby Street, London E1
Long live Graffiti!

Night watchman, Sclater Street, London E1
Night watchman, Sclater Street, London E1

Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street, London E1
New additions to the skyline going up near Liverpool Street.

Bishopsgate, London
Walking down Bishopsgate with the 'Erotic Gherkin' (Lord Foster's Swiss Re building) in the distance.

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