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Songbird Club night gets busted by police, Dalston, London, Wednesday 7th February 2007
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Songbird Club night gets busted
The Man comes down heavy on the folkies
(Photos/words © urban75, 7th February 2007)

This was certainly a first for me: I was in the Songbird folkie club in Richmond Road, Dalston tonight and two cops charged in, started taking pictures and declared the evening closed because of overcrowding and - get this - being "too loud".

What kind of fucker could possibly complain about the noise from a *folk* club? At 11.30pm? In Dalston? In an industrial zone!

I blame the gentrifiers!

Songbird Club, Dalston, 7th February 2007
Where the bands play is fantastic - like a big comfy living room - and you'll certainly not be kept wanting on the arty farty scale.

Songbird Club, Dalston, 7th February 2007
First on was an old bearded Scots poet who kind of made grumbling och-aye Gaelic noises interspersed with a funny observational humour. We liked him.

Songbird Club, Dalston, 7th February 2007
Next up was Lindsey Woolsey who would have been extremely listenable if it wasn't for her laptop-toting chum insisting on making her voice sound like it was coming from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, while a selection of art-house "joing! Brrrr!" noises rumbled forth from the Mac.

There were moments - when the art-o-meter cranked down for a bit - where the music bordered on beautiful, like a collision between traditional folk and electronica.

Songbird Club, Dalston, 7th February 2007


Songbird Club, Dalston, 7th February 2007
Next up was LA rawk chick who strutted, miaowed and extroverted her way through downsized stadium ballads while her 'Dave'-like guitarist imagined he was playing for The Faces.

Amusingly inappropriate for the venue, things looked up when a banjo player came on to join them, but his low-in-the-mix picking couldn't shake off the big hair sounds.

Towards the end of their set, the band weirdly metamorphised into a completely different outfit, with the addition of a laptop-flippin' rockabilly rapper who then led us through some of the most excruciatingly bad rap we'd ever heard.

The fact that he was reading his words from a sheet of paper didn't help, but his misguided Walrus Of Love-esque "uh-huhs" and "that's right" interjections took us firmly into Spinal Rap territory.

Songbird Club, Dalston, 7th February 2007
OK, I may have been a little harsh on the bands (!), but that's part of the fun of the night. It's a great night out and well worth a visit.

Songbird Club, Dalston, 7th February 2007
DJ booth.

Songbird Club, Dalston, 7th February 2007
Just as were waiting for the main band to come on, the Old Bill steamed in with a firm instruction to get the folk out of the place.

Songbird Club, Dalston, 7th February 2007

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