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Tabloid nonsense
Steer clear of facts the News of the World way!

It's common practice for newspapers to try and add a little spin and 'spice' to a story, but this piece of demonising nonsense contains some of the most ridiculous bullshit I've ever seen written about Mayday and urban75.

Craig Jackson

Eco hooligans plan violent rampage as business chiefs meet in Glasgow

ECO warriors are plotting a bloody battle in Scotland against ex-SAS soldiers, the News of the World can reveal.

The potty protesters attended a top- secret 'war cabinet' in Perth this week where they devised terrifying plans to turn Glasgow into a riot zone.

The yobs -who want to re-create the violent scenes of carnage which rocked London last May Day -have targeted a major consumer conference at Glasgow's SECC in May.

What they haven't counted on is the squad of 50 crack ex-SAS troops being flown in to protect 3,000 business leaders and politicians -including First Minister Henry McLeish.

The trained-to-kill commandos are employed by a US-based security firm to ward off trouble at such events.



Organisers of the conference are also urging cops to tighten already-strict measures to counter possible arson and kidnap attempts.

Many of the thugs behind the riot plans are wanted by the police.

They are also affiliated to organisations like Reclaim The Streets and Urban 75, said to be behind last year's London outrage.

A source close to Reclaim The Streets said dreadlocked protesters were hell-bent on bringing terror to Scots streets.

He said: "They travelled to Perth on the pretence of going to a Green event. On the way up, they checked out Glasgow and met their contacts. None of them are the least bit concerned about whales and dolphins and this hippy stuff. All they're in it for is violence and the thrill they get from it".


"They're just hooligan scum, most of them actually linked to far Right groups. Some started off as soccer thugs or glue-sniffing skinheads".

"Now they've all got the same aim -to cause as much trouble as they can in Glasgow."

The source, who cannot be identified, added: "I think they'll be fighting a losing battle. Security at this event is going to be watertight. They'll cause trouble but I don't think they'll get a chance to do any harm."

Mr McLeish, Scottish Enterprise Minister Wendy Alexander and Westminster Trade and Industry Minister Patricia Hewitt are all expected to be among guests at the conference.

Head of event security Hugh Brazier said: "Our clients are fearful and we are concerned for their personal safety."

Copyright 2001 NEWS GROUP NEWSPAPERS LTD The News of the World March 25, 2001

And now for some real facts...
urban75 is not an organisation, it's a non-profit e-zine run by one person. There is no membership, meetings, representatives, agents or collectives involved. Just me.

urban75 has no allegiance to 'far right groups' (or far left groups for that matter) and does not support or encourage violence in any way whatsoever.

Urban75 has no affiliation with any political party or direct action groups whatsoever and, for the record, wasn't within 500 miles of Glasgow on the day.

If the News of the World continues to post up such defamatory material, I will take legal action. Scotland Yard have been informed of the inaccuracies contained in this article and a letter written to the Press Complaints Commission.

If readers enjoy this kind of crap journalism, may I suggest they save the cost of buying a newspaper and make their own tabloid story!

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