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May 1st 2001 : MAYDAY 2K, London back next page
Mayday 2001

"Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible will make violent revolutions inevitable" President Kennedy

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Your rights on Mayday
Legal Advice: Section 60
Your rights on arrest
Criminal Justice Act
Basic Law for Road Protesters

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Mayday 2001: archive
Over 5,000 people braved the unyielding rain and media-fuelled promises of riots, looters and Samurai sword wielding psychopaths to enjoy a protest that remained predominantly peaceful.

Legal challenge verdict
30th Jan 2009)

Police sued over May Day protest
[BBC 17th Jan 2005]

urban75 comment 02.05.01
WOMBLES Communiqué 02.05.01
SchNEWS report
Personal report
Human Rights & Human Wrongs
Cakes, Frocks and Baton Charges
Hemmed in at Oxford Circus
Peaceful protesters illegally held
Mayday: personal report
Post event analysis
Timetable of the day's actions

Photo reports:
Photos from the protest

List of London actions 26.04.01
What is May Day about? 26.04.01
Mayday press 07.05.01
Tabloid nonsense 24.03.01
Mayday actions revealed! 20.04.01
Building a hotel on Mayfair! 08.04.01
South London Mayday action 08.04.01
May Day Monopoly Game Guide 08.04.01
Police violence against activists 02.04.01
Police raid Button factory 01.04.01
legal disclaimer
upcoming actions

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general discussion
>What Did We Achieve?

Mayday background:
Mayday 2K London: photos/reports
Mayday 2k New York
Mayday 2k Global reports

fun and games:
Brick a Brand
Eco hopper!
Punch a Politician
Warp George Bush
Warp Blair
Write your own tabloid report!
Eco Warrior checkers!

Legal disclaimer: all reports, comments and press releases are reproduced here for information purposes only. All opinions stated are those of the individual authors and are not the responsibility of urban75. urban75 supports peaceful protest and non violent direct action and does not support violence against people or property.

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