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Mayday 2k Mayday 2000
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Mayday updates
The sequence of events on Mayday, 2001

Mayday kicked off with cyclists assembling at Marylebone station (est. 100 cyclists) with a larger group forming at Liverpool Street station, joining up to form a Critical mass ride to Kings Cross.

With more than 6,000 police officers in place in and around city, promising to implement the much touted "in your face" "zero tolerance" tactics, protesters have expressed real concerns about the impact of such aggressive policing.

Free veggie burger give-away outside McDonalds!

Reports of protesters assembling at Pall Mall....

Still very quiet, with some parts of central London virtual deserted. There's a huge police presence around Piccaddilly Circus, where many buildings have been boarded up, but so far no mass build up of protesters...

Feed the birds! Protesters dressed up as Mary Poppins congregate at Trafalgar Square to give food to the now-outlawed pigeons!

Demo at the Mall: hundreds of protesters make their feelings known about the devastating impact of Third World debt.

Police are surprised by earlier than expected congregation of protesters at Oxford Circus. Heavy handed policing results in thousands being hemmed in, including tourists and children. Tempers rise as people are forced to stand up to 6 hours in the driving rain. As expected a Section 60 is announced, forcing all protesters to be processed by the police. Police estimates put the crowd at over 5,000.

Minor scuffles break out in the area surrounding Oxford Circus. Several police helmets are seen flying across the afternoon sky!

The stand off continues in Oxford Circus with up to a 1,000 wet, and mightily pissed off, protesters still surrounded by huge police presence. Police announce that 40 arrests have been made so far with minimal damage to property.

Violence flares as angry protesters vent their frustration at being penned in for 7 hours. Several windows are broken in the Tottneham Court Rd/Goodge St, but no major rioting takes place.

Police release figures for Mayday arrests:
92 arrests in London
50 people injured
29 hospitalised
Three police officers hurt
400 join carnival-style protest in Glasgow
60 march in Manchester
Two arrests in Bristol

Banner of the day: "Overthrow Capitalism! Replace it with Something Nicer"

What do you think? Are you involved in the protest?
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