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Mistreated by the police?
from SchNEWS FRIDAY 20th April, 2001

If you were one of the crowd who was held for two or three hours in Hollis street in London - even when you politely asked to leave and participated in absolutely no violence - only to be let out eventually to be corralled around the streets of London (or similar experience)... then please contact 'Liberty'- the civil rights organisation and tell them your story.

The web-site is here:

There have already been dozens of complaints, they have already agreed to take on two cases. So let them now of your experiences and keep peaceful protests legal.

Statement from Liberty Issued: 2 May 2001

"Last year, the police approach was sensibly low-key. This year, unfortunately, the police caved in to political pressure.

This led to unacceptable and unlawful violence by some police officers. The containment of thousands of people was unnecessary, unlawful and will lead to justifiable complaints. As a result, the police will have to pay out compensation, and they will have alienated thousands of innocent and peaceful protestors".
John Wadham, Director of Liberty, said:
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