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Mayday 2002, Mayday Festival of Alternatives
Mayday 2002, Mayday Festival of Alternatives

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Police raid Radical Dairy Social Centre
Report from IndyMedia, 12th April 2002
More info: phone: 020 7249 6996

This morning over 30 riot police stormed into the Radical Dairy Social Centre in Stoke Newington as part of the Mayday campaign of repression.

30 riot police in conjunction with London Electricity used a hydrualic ram to force entry to the Radical Dairy. The police said that they had a warrant to investigate the abstraction of electricity and the misuse of drugs.

No drugs were found but a computer [which was used as part of a free internet service for local residents] was siezed as "proof" of abstracting electricity!!

The police also read out a statement saying that because a Mayday leaflet was displayed in the window of the Social Centre that it proved that the building was used as "part of the infrastructure to Mayday" , which now seems to be an illegal act!

No one was arrested but the centre is now without electricity. During the raid angry residents came out onto the streets and gave the cops hassle. This is the third visit the cops have made to the dairy. The first being on Friday April 5th.


They used the guise that they had broken down outside the dairy and were waiting for a repair vehicle, that obviously explained why they were outside for 3 hours taking peoples photographs!!

On this occasion they left after the local residents came out in support of the Radical Dairy, which has been offering free events like Yoga, Shiatsu massages, vegan cafe, DJ workshop for kids, Drama and singing lessons.

The second occasion was on Tuesday April 9th, three cops from different police stations inc. a video camera were filming the structure of the building. The police were there for only 10 minutes as again local residents including a women with her child complained at the continued harassment of the collective which runs the centre.

A statement will be issued by the Radical Dairy within the next few hours. Meanwhile the centre needs all the help it can get. Come down to 47 Kynaston Road, Stoke Newington, London N16. Phone 020 7249 6996 for more news.


(Article reproduced for information purposes only. Please read our disclaimer...)

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