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Mayday 2002, Mayday Festival of Alternatives
Mayday 2002, anti-capitalist protest, London

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forumsMayday background:
Mayday - what's it all about?
Short history of Mayday
15 reasons to be angry
History of Mayday
Reclaim the Streets
A30 protest
IMF and 'structural adjustments'
Think global, act local
Rough guide to the WTO
WTO Exposed
Terrorism Act
Anarchist Movement Introduction

forums Mayday: what was planned
May 1st: Planned events
Festival of Alternatives, 26.Apr-6.May
Timetable of events []

forums Mayday links
History of Mayday
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Mayday homepage
Protest photos

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Protest photos

Mayday Festival, 2002:

» SchNEWS report, 3rd May 2002

Mayday protest: 2002 reports
May Day - appeal for witnesses [6th.May]
Mayday: how was it for you?

Follow the pink fluffy dustbin [Times 2.May]
Crusty chic sweeps streets [Sun 3.May]
Skirmishes mar May Day protests [BBC 1.May]
Peace reigns on May Day [Guardian 1.May]

Maybe Mayfair Mayhem [25.Apr]
Police raid Radical Dairy Centre [12.Apr]
Police raid Mayday web hosts [2.Apr]

» Discuss the issues

In the press
Guardian MayDay section
Capitalism Mag bollocks!
Mayfair prepares... [Independent 1.May]
Police braced for protests [BBC 30.Apr]
The world won't listen [Guardian 30.Apr]
Police sued over Mayday 2001 [BBC 28.Apr]
Apathy in the UK [Guardian 29.Apr]
Anarchists plan revenge [Times 26.Apr]
Mayfair May Day battleground [PA 26.Apr]
Protesters looking for 'rematch' [Guardian 15.Apr]
MayDay Alert [Indepedent 02.Apr]
Anarchists plan jubilee mayhem [Observer 24.Mar]

Legal help and info
Your rights on Mayday
Arrest bust card
Legal Advice: Section 60
Your rights on arrest
Criminal Justice Act
Basic Law for Road Protesters
A Check List Of Media Dirty Tricks!

Press reports and comment
Worldwide protest reports [updated every 5 mins]

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Brick a Brand
Eco hopper!
Punch a Politician
Warp George Bush
Warp Blair
Write your own tabloid report!
Eco Warrior checkers!

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