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Photos from Offline, urban75 club night in Brixton, central London, south London and New York

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OFFLINE 13: Dogstar, Brixton, Thursday 24th February 2005

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7:00 -7:30 LD Rudeboy (country bass in your face)
7:30 -8:00 Blagsta (post-pub tuneage)
8:00 -8:30 Maggot (funky Business)
8:30 -9:10 DJ Wrongspeed (Resonance FM)
9:10 -9:50 Skim (Biologikal - Eclectic electronic sounds)
9:50 -10:30 Sonik (Rough Trade - indie obscurities)
10:30 -11:10 Lester Square (Monochrome Set - weird psychedelia)
11:10 -11:50 Dickon Edwards (Fosca - flâneur, 21st Century Fop, dysfunctional dandy)
11:50 -12:30 Editor (urban75 - post-punk/cocktail/rip-it-up)
12:30 -1:15 DJ Hoax (urbanites - subverted pop for the masses)
1:15 -2am Dubversion (People's Republic of Disco - ska/rocksteady)

BACK ROOM CABARET (7pm - 2am):

7.00 Skim
8.00 Bearbot
8.35 Hiccup
Fast, frenetic, furious poetry and stand-up with your host Vic Lambrusco featuring Luke Wright - 'Aisle be back, fighting for my right to latte'.
Dennis Just Dennis - 'poetry's equivalent of Chelsea FC, only richer'
Helen McCookeryBook - country/indie
Treehorn - songs of hope, fear, sailing & ritual slaughter
Hela - shimmering acoustic treats
Chazegee - songs in the key of FU.
11.30 DJ Wrongspeed
12:00 Dubversion
12:50 Squibble MacTavern
1:20 Editor vs Sonik + Actionettes Scratch Attack

PROGRAM from the night:
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