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Photos from Offline, urban75 club night in Brixton, central London, south London and New York

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OFFLINE 14: Dogstar, Brixton, Thursday 31st March 2005

Another big night which proved to be our busiest ever, with queues of people trying to get in - and that was at 9pm!

» Click here for photos

CABARET ROOM (7pm - 2am):


7:00 Skim VS sonik (Tumbleweed tunes)
8:00 ianw (Ripping up the back room)
8:40 HICCUP (classic 70s soul)
9:20 vics flexidisk feast (A celebration of floppies)
9:50 editor (Loungecore nein wave!)

10:30 Statement about the 2005 Cannabis Festival & March by Shane Collins

Vics Cabaret Corner (10:35 -11:30):

Fast, frenetic, furious poetry & stand-up with your host Vic Lambrusco, featuring Sp ('Bull's blood') howarth, HOWARD GUIDO ('Monarchy-phobic hardcore rhymes'), jack blackburn ('Crowned Bard of Brixton')


11:30 magneze (Decking the dex)
12:10 dubversion's back room mash up
12:50 Bearbot
1:20 editor vs sonik scratch attack!

MAIN ROOM (7pm - 2am):

7:00 rutabowa
7:45 pinkychukkles

LIVE MUSIC (onstage from 8.30pm-10.30pm):

HELEN McCOOKERYBOOK's Acoustic Feast'o'Treats including:

KATY CARR - an astonishing new "alt-folk star in waiting" (Q Mag) whose last album was described by the Sunday Times as "definitely one for the Mercury Prize jury to consider" (

GINA BIRCH from the legendary all-female post-punk band The Raincoats (More info)

JAMIE McDERMOT (from the The Irrepressibles), a star in the making with "a voice that sounds like the ghosts of Billy McKenzie and Jeff Buckley wrestling with the ghost of Kevin Roland's talent." (Review)

Also: TREEHORN (songs of love and hate) - and his yodelling C&W singer mate too!


10:30 ianw (60s heartbreak)
11:10 sonik (Rough Trade records)
11:50 editor (urban75 - post-punk/rip-it-up)
12:30 SKIM (Biologikal/electronica)
01:10 dubversion (Peoples Republic of Disco)

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