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Brian Paddick, Commander Brixton Police
Brian Paddick, Commander Brixton Police - Let Brixton Decide

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Clueless bigots!
The laughable depths the tabloids will dredge...

Example 1: Quasi-religious, pompous, middle class, moralising:
"[Brian] Paddick is an icon for our morally inverted, decadent times... The fact that such a man could be a senior police officer shows how sick this society has become. At its root lies a collapse of belief in morality and in the law by the political and intellectual class ... Our drug and violent crime problems are out of control because we tolerate them while our maverick police officers, decadent intelligentsia and pusillanimous politicians remain part of the very problem over which they shed crocodile tears."
Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail, March 18.

> The facts: Paddick's experiment has proven to be an out and out success, with more arrests for hard drugs and a fall in street crime.


Example 2: Clueless, out-of-touch bullshit
"His decision not to pursue drug dealers and users has not played well with law-abiding residents in South London"
Richard Littlejohn, The Sun, March 12th.

> The facts: In a MORI poll shortly afterwards, 83% of Brixton's 'law abiding' residents backed Paddick's policies.


Example 3: Cloud cuckooland
"By his own admission he allowed his erstwhile boyfriend, a former male model, to smoke cannabis in the flat they shared together. This behaviour, from any officer of whatever seniority, brings the whole Force into disrepute"
Evening Standard 18th March

> The facts: A survey among 150 officers by the Joseph Rowntree Trust revealed that half had taken cannabis.


Example 4: Plain Stupidity
"Police chief says, 'I back anarchy!'"
The Sun, 20th Feb

> The facts: He said nothing of the sort. His actual words were, "The idea of anarchism has always appealed to me. It is a theoretical argument, but I'm not sure everyone would behave well if there were no laws and no system." So, no unreserved 'backing' there, but it's not surprising that such philosophical ruminations would fly over the head of your average, thick hack.

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