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Brian Paddick, Commander Brixton Police
Brian Paddick, Commander Brixton Police (Original pic: Sarah Lee)

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Guns/Crack: the Commander's opinion
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Brixton Movement for Justice March
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Message from Brian

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Updates and actions:
Lambeth4Paddick [ext. campaign site]
Report/feedback from public meeting, 26th March
Big Issue petition

Back Paddick campaign (archive)
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> 'Let Brixton Decide' poster
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forums Lambeth4Paddick
Excellent campaigning resource

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Lambeth cannabis pilot: results
(Met Police 21.Mar.02)

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Cannabis reclassification Q&A
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forums Press Bullshit
Tabloid drivel exposed!
Put your trousers on, you're nicked
(Sun 19.Mar.02)

We want Robocop... (Sun 12.Mar.02)
> Richard Littlejohn
Punch the homophobic twat!

> Kate Hoey
Phase the fuzzy fuddy-duddy

Progressive Brixton cop Paddick attracted controversy and huge local support (83%) for his unorthodox solutions to tackling crime in one of the UK's toughest areas.

When he made the unprecedented move of addressing some of his community directly on our bulletin boards, he was rewarded with a rich, intelligent and robust debate, earning the respect of many involved.

Sadly, this innovative and productive approach proved too much for certain tabloids, who embarked on a scurrilous homophobic slur campaign that resulted in Paddick being removed from his post.

Paddick gets Met promotion (BBC)
The Guardian profile: Brian Paddick
Pot Cop To Top Cop: Paddick Promoted (Mirror)

Statement by Paddick (26th Dec 2002)
Brian bows out

Facts about the Lambeth cannabis pilot scheme

urban75 editorial
> Fair cop...unfair cop

Press reports and comment

Dec 2003
Police chief wins damages (Guardian 19.03)
Newspaper pays damages to officer (BBC19.03)

Mar 2003
Police chief sues over kiss and tell (Guardian 15.03)

Nov 2002
Paddick anger (Guardian 13.11)
Give Paddick his old job back (Indy 13.11)

Oct 2002
Met Commissioner Breaks Faith with Lambeth
Paddick will not face drug charge (A'nova 9.10)
Paddick backers angry at Met move (Guardian 9.10)
No Lambeth return for Paddick (BBC 9.10)
Paddick shuffled into backroom (Indie 9.10)

Sept 2002
Paddick police report sent to CPS (Guardian 17.09)
Paddick report sent to CPS lawyers (BBC 17.09)

Aug 2002
Paddick awaits decision (BBC 12.08)

July 2002
Paddick experiment to end (Standard 10.July)
Duncan Smith visits Brixton (Indy 10.Jul)
Paddick dismisses critics (BBC 2.Jul)
Paddick defiant (IC 2.July)

June 2002
My drugs policy is working (Guardian 2.July.2002)
Police chief scorns critics (Guardian 2.July)

May 2002
Paddick's right again (Mirror 31.May)
Crime falls in cannabis trial area (BBC 29.May)
Paddick: some police officers are thugs
Paddick 'police thugs' claim (TiLondon 13.May)

April 2002
Yard inquiry 'set to clear Paddick' (25.Apr)
Paddick homophobia case against Met (FT 9.Apr)
Cops/public: 'Bring back Paddick' (Big Issue 1.Apr)

March 2002
Paddick wins hearts and minds (BBC 27.Mar)
Paddick Return 'Might Be Impossible' (Guardian 27.Mar)
'I'll be back', Paddick (Standard 27.Mar)
Paddick returns to standing ovation (BBC 27.Mar)
Paddick greets Lambeth rally (BBC 27.Mar)
Why Tories must support Paddick (Times 26.Mar)
Paddick - the real cop, the real me (Mirror 25.Mar)
Evening Standard - usual slurs (Standard 25.Mar)
Paddick Support unprecedented (BBSNews 25.Mar.02)
Homophobia and the press (Guardian 25.Mar)
Smears bring top gay cop to brink of ruin (Observer 24.Mar)
Sniggering tendency (Independent 24.Mar)
Victim of anti gay press (BBC 23.Mar)
Bring Back Crackpot (Spectator 23.Mar)
Community backs cannabis pilot scheme (Guardian 22.Mar)
Hounded cop's dope policy works (Mirror 22.Mar)
Police and residents back cannabis project (Times 21.Mar)
Poll backs Paddick drugs policy (Standard 21.Mar)
Mayor backs Brian Paddick (Standard 19.Mar)
Trials and errors of controversial cop (Guardian 19.Mar)
He's our kind of cop (Guardian 18.Mar)
Why Paddick has to go (Standard 18.Mar)
Police chief's unorthodox approach (BBC 15.Mar)
Police chief praises cannabis scheme (BBC 15.Mar)
'Anarchy' cop logs back on web (Mirror 12.Mar)
Rebuke over 'anarchy' remark (BBC 11.Mar)

February 2002
Talking jive on urban75 (Guardian 23.Feb)
Give thanks for rogue police chief (Independent 20.Feb)
Anarchism 'appeals' to police chief (BBC 19.Feb)
'Anarchy has always appealed' (Independent 19.Feb)
Top cop uses subversive website (Big Issue 18.Feb)

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