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Brian Paddick, Commander Brixton Police
Paddick takes to the stage. Extraordinary General Meeting, Community Police Consultative Group for Lambeth, 26th March 2002
Paddick takes to the stage.
> Extraordinary General Meeting, Community Police Consultative Group for Lambeth, 26th March 2002

In a packed meeting attended by 300 residents, a motion was passed demanding the immediate reinstatement of Brian Paddick and the appointment of an independent investigatory team.

"Tonight was history making. A cop given an standing ovation by 300 members of his community - in Brixton, of all places - is a moment of political change. It's as simple as that.
Dissent and criticism are part and parcel (deaths in custody), but if anyone is going to take those issues on, from what I've heard, it's Brian Paddick.
I'm gobsmacked. We are at the cusp of something major. It has personified itself tonight. We will win this. BP will be reinstated. Policing in this country will change. Media in this country will change.
That is fucking incredible
('G Local', 1.00am, 27th March, posted u75 forum)

I have lived in Brixton since the first riot in Brixton in April 1981. Brixton was really good to me when I was at my lowest ebb, and I have done more than OK here, through thick and thin. Some of the most wonderful people from all over the world that I have ever met, live here too. I have really tried to put back something into the place that I love.
I have been very involved in local issues. I have sat through the most mind-numbingly pointless meetings from 6pm till 10.30pm at night, month after fucking month, year after fucking year when I'd far rather be at home or in the Albert. I have attended meetings with Lambeth policemen where it would have been more productive to repeatedly bang my head against a brick wall. I have attended police stations as a a Lay Visitor where I have been put down as a busybody do-gooder white liberal by the police and as a grass by the detainees.
My kids have wailed, "Mum, why do you do these meetings? You don't get paid for it and we want you at home!" I have defended Brixton to outsiders more times than I felt like. I have been a goodwill ambassador for Brixton when I felt like slagging it off. I have arrived at Victoria Station after a day away to hear that my town has been bombed and that my husband and son missed the blast by minutes.
My family have been victims of serious crime, including arson and robbery. I live in a really shite tower block that the Guide Dogs for the Blind says is not fit for one of their dogs. No one can accuse me of not caring about, or of not understanding at least some of the problems that Brixton faces.
Tonight went a long way towards making me feel that it has not been a complete waste of time. I also felt that there were individuals who used the meeting for their own agendas, which took the edge off my joy (I do not count Ricky Bishops mother amongst these). It was great to see faces on the platform that have worked hard for Lambeth over the years, particularly Mike Franklin and Lloyd Leon.
It pissed me off that the only woman on the platform, Jane Warwick, who has been the administrator for the CPCG, the Lay Visitors and Victim Support for donkeys years, was not introduced by Lee Jasper by her job title or even with her surname. It was great when Brian Paddick turned up. (If you want to know why Brixton thinks he is so fab, look around Urban75, it's all here amongst the posts.)
I am glad that there was a huge spontaneous cheer. It didn't surprise me, because he has always regarded us in Brixton as allies, not as means to furthering his career and he was there to thank us for our support and we appreciated him being there. There were about three or four dissenting voices tonight, out of easily three hundred. (Best attended meeting I have ever been to in Brixton that didn't involve free booze, music or food!)
I think Brian Paddick has achieved something incredible in Brixton. I really hope he comes home soon.
('Mrs Magpie', 2.18am, 27th March, posted u75 forum)

I found the meeting last night totally inspiring. To have such a diverse group of people from different sections of the community (Christian, Jewish, black, white, old, young, etc...) all in support of a GAY public figure is pretty unusual, in my opinion, and very special. A good sign that things might be getting to the point where they should be - that a public figure can be judged by what they've achieved, not the irrelevance of their sexual preference. And to have that level of support for a policeman, in Brixton - a sign that Paddick is considered the right person for the job.
('Han', 1.46pm, 27th March, posted u75 forum)

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