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Brian Paddick, Commander Brixton Police
Brian Paddick, Commander Brixton Police - Let Brixton Decide

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Zero Intolerance
By Vic Lambrusco for BBC London, 25th March 2002

we don't really care if Will Young is gay
don't give a toss about Zimbabwe
but 83% of Lambeth say
bring Brian Paddick back today

not bothered about another war in Iraq
or if EMI's profits are under attack
of concern for these there's a singular lack
we just want Brian Paddick back

not concerned with the work of Joern Utzon
or with the sabre-rattling of the Pentagon
or how badly backbenchers feel put upon
we just want Paddick brought back on

couldn't care about Heathrow security
or the machinations of Ali G
cos the wide consensus seems to be
for a quick reinstatement of Brian P

indifferent about the hunting compromise
and if the Red Brigades are once more on the rise
but it's time the top brass realised
the decision on Paddick's gotta be revised

and despite all the tabloid hate he's got
about his sexuality and views on pot
it alters one thing not a jot
he knows the streets and they do not

the word is out down Lambeth way
83% have had their say
and there's zero tolerance of any middle way
bring Brian Paddick back today

More info:
Vic Lambrusco's Guide to Spoken Word in South London

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