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New York photos: November 2002

New York City Photos: November 2002.
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[360º Panoramas - java needed]
Broome Street and Wooster St
Madison Square Park
E Houston Street/Lafayette
Foley Square
Brooklyn Bridge
E Houston Street in the rain
2nd Avenue and E4th Street
Central Park
Broadway/Spring Street

[Photo montage - pop up windows]
Bowery montage
Katz's deli montage
Ludlow St montage

East Houston St at night
God, Broome St, SoHo
Water tower, Broome St, SoHo
Fire escapes, SoHo
Looking down Broadway
St vendor, Prince St/Broadway
Greenwich Avenue/ Christopher St
St scene, Greenwich village
Empire State from 23rd St
Flatiron Building, 5th Ave/23rd St
Village Smoke Shop, Greenwich Village
St Market, East Houston St
Graffiti, King St
Patterns, Spring St
Empire State and US flags
Admiral David Farragut monument
Union Square farmer's market
Chinese Back Rub, Lafayette St
Taxi cab and city lights
Early evening lights
Doorway, Greene St, SoHo
Posters, SoHo
Rebuild the towers poster SoHo
Spring St/Lafayette St, SoHo
Street Art, Prince St and Lafayette St
Triple 5 Soul clothes, Lafayette St
Street scene, Mulberry and Prince St
Heavily graffiti'd building
Graffiti and posters close up
Water Tower and Street signt
Antique lamps and dancer
Cafe Colonial, E Houston St
Fire escape and M & R Bar sign
Elizabeth St apartments, SoHo
Boarded-up shop and basketball hoop
Nu-Foam professional, Bowery
Chinese truck and apartment
Mei Lake Noodle Inc, Broome St
Grotta Azzurra, Broome St
GLA Rosa and Son Bread Company
Parking sign
Holland Tunnel entrance
Canal St
Vintage Ford Country Sedan car
Art stall, West Broadway
Homeless guy with bag and stall holder
Cafe Cafe, Greene St, SoHo
Fire Hose, Artists studios, Chrystie St
B-Bar & Grill, a.k.a. Bowery Bar
Speeding cab
Botanica bar, E Houston St
24 hour store, Broome St, SoHo
Ray's Pizza, E Houston St
Steam and lights, Lower East Side
Cafe Roma, Little Italy, 385 Broome St.
The KGB Bar, East 4th St
US Flag in store front, Bowery
Foley Square
Woolworths Building, 233 Broadway
Brooklyn Bridge approach
View from the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Taxi over the Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan view, Brooklyn Bridge
Heading for Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Pedestrian walkway to Brooklyn Bridge
Orange and blue, Brooklyn
Atlantic Road, Brooklyn
Long Island Restaurant, Atlantic/Henry St
Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn
Flag and docks, Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Sunday afternoon, Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Couple, Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Cranberry St, Brooklyn
Willow/Cranberry St, Brooklyn
Old houses, Middagh St, Brooklyn
Fire Engine House, Middagh St, Brooklyn
Under Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn
Chambers St subway station, Lower Manhattan
Marcy Avenue Subway station, Williamsburg
Ortiz Funeral Home, Williamsburg
Manny's Liquors, Rodney St Williamsburg
Aldo's Coffee Shop, Williamsburg
Clovis Press Bookstore, Williamsburg
Old factory, Williamsburg
Empire State from Williamsburg
Graffiti sign, Williamsburg
Midnight, Marcy Avenue subway, Williamsburg
Late night L train, Bowery subway station
Rain on the Bowery
Astor Lounge, 316 Bowery
Painted truck, Crosby St
Police mini-truck
Rainstorm, 23rd Ave
6th Avenue cabs
Flatiron building 23rd St
Graffiti door, Crosby St
Graffiti wall, Crosby St
Vertical car parking
Looking up 5th Avenue
Spring St in the rain, SoHo
Homage to Princess Di, Midtown
Umbrellas on 6th Avenue, Midtown
Fashion district, Midtown west
Times Square
Christmas decoration, Midtown

[ Contd. ]

Headlights in the rain, Times Square
Yellow cabs in Times Square, Midtown
View from a cafe, Midtown
Peep-o-Rama, W42nd St
Umbrella and laptop, Bryant Park
Empty chairs, Bryant Park
Statue and sleeper, Bryant Park
Grand Central Terminal, 42nd St
Departures board, Grand Central Terminal
Information desk, Grand Central Terminal
Crowds, Grand Central Terminal
Memorial wall, Grand Central Terminal
Chrysler Building from Grand Central
Katz's Delicatessen, E Houston St
24 hour parking, Broome St
Bill Bailey, Luna Lounge, Ludlow St
Bowery at night, Lower East Side
Chrysler Building
Crosby St deluge
Chinatown and umbrellas
Cheap jewellery, Canal St
Pearl River, Canal St, Chinatown
Taxi and metal plate, Canal St
Long Island Abric, Chinatown
Park bench, City Hall Park
Where the World Trade towers stood
World Trade centre tributes
World Trade centre: American flags
WTC Hot dogs & memorials
Cabs and rain, E Houston St
Graffiti-covered building, Mercer
Mercer St graffiti, SoHo
Crossing Canal St in the rain
Canal St umbrellas, Chinatown
Industrial Plastics, Canal St
Uptown F train platform
Man with hat, Broadway subway
Subway riders, Uptown F train
New York Public Library
Lone passenger, Broadway
Fifth Avenue, rain and lights
Rainy rush hour, Fifth Avenue
Buildings, billboards and umbrellas
Blind busker, 34th St subway
Telephone and tiles, 34th St subway
Downtown train, 34th St subway
The Living Room Bar, 84 Stanton St
Flat Fix (tire shop) Lower East Side
Graffiti, Bowery, Lower East Side
Sticky tape, Ludlow St
Cool cable truck on Spring St
St. Patrick's Old Cathedral
Shop signs/fire escapes, Orchard St
Old stores, Rivington St
Street art/Graffiti, Ludlow St
Headache, St art/Graffiti, Ludlow St
Pedestrian and St art Ludlow St
Lamp-post, Ludlow St, Lower East Side
Empire State sunset
Coffee Shop Bar
View from Empire State
Empire State 2 - Hudson River
Empire State 3 - towards Queens
Empire State 4 - West 42nd St
Chrysler Tower, 42nd St
Late night, 1st Ave, East Village
Van with graffiti, Lafayette St
Anti-Muslim Graffiti, Greene St
Fire Escapes
Iron columns and graffiti, Greene St
Reading the paper, Prince St
McDougal St, Greenwich Village
Washington Square, Greenwich Village
Steam thingy
Mural in progress, 34th St
Empire State from 34th St
Tick Tock Diner, 34th and 8th Ave
Man with hat, Tick Tock Diner
Esposito Pork Shop, 9th Ave
Subway train, 42nd St
AOL Time Warner Center Towers
Cedar Bridge, Central Park
Lamp post and autumnal trees
Autumnal shades, Central Park
Walking through Central Park
Central Park lake
Late afternoon sun, Central Park
Water tower, Prince St
Broadway buildings
Purses for sale, Broadway
Dogs for the rich, SoHo
Car park attendant's hut, SoHo
Wooster St St art, SoHo
Chinatown scene
Pink Pony, Ludlow St, Lower East Side
Blue sky/traffic lights, Delancey St
Umbrella seller, Broadway
Grand St buildings
Stickers and St sign, Bowery
Van, trash can and emergency phone
Inside Ray's Pizza, E Houston St
Sunday brunch, Pink Pony, Ludlow St
Very wet in E Houston St
Block Drug Stores, 3rd Ave
Mott St Laundry and Cleaners, Mott St
Autumn in the city
Red devil, Elizabeth St
Coffee, Colonial Cafe, E Houston St
Cooper Sq at night
Downpour on Houston
Late night call box, Broome St
Purple sky, Empire State building
Rain, sign and subway entrance, E Houston St
Umbertos Clam House, Little Italy
Broome St cab in the rain
Save 295, Bowery, Lower East Side
Tenements and stores, Ludlow St
Save 295, Bowery
Bump, Mulberry Street
Night scene, Lower East Side

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