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New York photos: November 2004

New York City Photos: November 2004.
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panoramasNew York panoramas

New York yellow cab
I Love New York bag
Twin Towers painting and fridge
Neon sign, Tarot Cards Reader
Neon sign, Veniero's Pasticceria
Trash! Rififi/Cinema Classics
Vote! Lower East Side doorway
Employees Must Wash Hands
Skateboard Graffiti, Lower East Side
Make Art Not War, SoHo,
Graffiti shield and chair, SoHo
Painted truck door, SoHo
$45 Flat Fare, New York cab
THE SKINnY flag, Orchard St
Apocalypse Lounge, 189 E 3rd st
Girl on shop shutters, E Village
Reindeer and Barber's Pole, E Village,
Rvan Election Party poster, 2nd November
Most graffitied toilet in the world?
Luna's Restaurant, 112 Mulberry St
Had enough Bushit? Sticker


Psychic readings neon sign, Manhattan
Neon Sign, Fanelli Cafe, Manhattan
Senor Swanky's Mexican restaurant
Neon Beer signs, Manhattan
Open 24 hours, SoHo, Manhattan
Superman votes for Kerry
Roller skate pavement signn
Peds To Yield, Battery Park
Unnecessary Noise Prohibited
Texas Is The Axis Of Evil
Crispin Graffiti, Little Italy
Robot and chipboard Manhattan
Pray for Pills and black door
'Holy Death Before Dishonor,
Bast Mushroom Bast, Manhattan
Old Mobil gas station, Williamsburg
Rat on wall, Williamsburg
Honest Abe Hirschfeld
Vote! Doorway, East Village
Smokin', Coughin', Coffin.
Stickers, stencils and graffiti
Leal Bridal and Party Goods, Lower East Side
All Out Kings, Williamsburg
Hells Angels club room, Manhattan.
Graffiti van, Manhattan
Vote or Die! Manhattan
Bite, SoHo, Manhattan
Shopfront graffiti, Ludlow St
Printing, Stationery, Greeting Cards


[ Contd. ]

Nobody Creative Presents, SoHo
Vote here, Chinatown, Manhattan
Yellow wall, African map stencil
Stars and stripes fire hydrant, Washington Heights
Closed shopfront, SoHo, Manhattan
88 Crosby Street, SoHo, Manhattan
Westside Highway Car Wash, 638 W 47TH St, Manhattan
Walkway detour, Midtown Manhattan
Nuclear Fallout Shelter sign
Delivery Guaranteed, Lower East Side
The only Bush I trust is my own
Police Line Do Not Cross
Bump ahead, Mulberry Street, Little Italy
Mailbox, Midtown Manhattan
Moved to 67 Clinton, Ludlow St, Manhattan
Doorway, Essex Street, Lower East Side
112 Stanton Street doorway, Manhattan
Bowery scene, Lower East Side
Pray for Pills, Lower East Side
Juice Smoothies, 1st Avenue
Metal faces, Lower East Side


Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Williamsburg
Joe's Locksmiths Auto-House, Manhattan
Andromeda Tattoo Studio, 33 St Mark's Place
No cars, Battery Park, Manhattan
Psychic, Palm Tarot Card Reader
Hollow sidewalk, SoHo, Manhattan
Please vote for Kerry, Lower East Side
Gun stencil graffiti, oWilliamsburg
Reagen x4, Williamsburg
God Save Brooklyn, Williamsburg
Anti smoking mural, Williamsburg
Graffiti, people, graffiti, Williamsburg
Barber's shop, Brooklyn, New York
No parking, Williamsburg

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