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New York, Williamsburg and Brooklyn photos: November 2005

New York City Photos: November 2005.
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[ Brooklyn/Williamsburg]

Williamsburg Bridge in the mist
Late afternoon scene, Williamsburg
Old warehouse, Williamsburg
Old emergency fire phone
The City Reliquary, 307 Grand St
City Reliquary memorial
Late night deli, Williamsburg
Misty morning, Wythe Ave
Water tower, Williamsburg Bridge
Place empty boxes here
Clovis Press bookstore
Fuck Your Gallery
Lamp post stickers, Metropolitan Ave
New York Marathon Bedford Ave
Runners, New York Marathon 2005
Go Audrey!, New York Marathon
A street full of runners
Cheerleader, New York Marathon 2005
New York Marathon Bedford Ave
Crowd scene, New York Marathon 2005
Flying the flag, New York Marathon
70s Man is found!
After the race, Bedford Ave
Spoonbill & Sugartown
Fix Lounge, 110 Bedford Ave


Fix Lounge, Williamsburg
Soft Spot, 28 Bedford Ave
Bedford Avenue subway, Williamsburg
Woman with small dog
Receiving King Charles
Atlas Cafe, 116 Havemeyer St
Monster satellite dishg
Cranes, Williamsburg
Dead End and Empire State
Water Tower, Williamsburg
Williamsburg twilight
Pedro Grocery, 200 Bedford Ave
Bedford Ave, Grand St
Williamsburg Bridge at night
Looking over Manhattan, night
Williamsburg sunset
Breakfast at Bliss, Bedford Ave
Fire escapes, Bedford Ave
Breakfast at Atlas
Lucky Cat bar on Grand St
Somewhere in Bushwick
Deeper into Bushwick
Even deeper into Bushwick
Williamsburg Bridge
Bedford Supermarket and deli
Carniceria Latina, Williamsburg
Tainted Lady, 318 Grand St Williamsburg
Bar view, Tainted Lady, Williamsburg
Manhattan skyline from Williamsburg
Relish diner, Wythe and N3rd
Relish diner, Williamsburg
Motorbike repair shop, Williamsburg
Old Dutch Mustard Company factory
Williamsburg view
Old factory, Williamsburg


Crossing Williamsburg bridge
Abandoned car, Wythe Ave
Prompt to action, Fire Department
Painted fence and Empire State
Signposts and lamp post, Kent Ave
Silos and graffiti, Williamsburg
Read up! Williamsburg
Williamsburg Bridge, East River
If you see a discharge...
Williamsburg sunset, Williamsburg
Cranes, winter sky, Williamsburg
Old fire department call box
Street signs, Kent Avenue and N3rd St
Coney's, 287 Bedford Ave
One way signs, Berry St
Read Cafe, 158 Bedford Ave
Painted seaside scene and Cuban flag
Late night subway train
Underneath Marcy Avenue subway station
On the L Train,Williamsburg
Zebulon cafe, 258 Wythe Ave

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