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Mayday cricket game, Space Hijackers (first 11) vs The Members Of Parliament (first 11), Mayday 2005, Parliament Square, London
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Mayday 2005
Cricket and cucumber sandwiches in Parliament Square

Cheeky anarchist wagsters, the Space Hijackers, sent out a letter challenging 600 politicians to a game of Mayday cricket, accusing them of 'not acting in an honourable fashion' over Iraq and ID cards.

The letter went on....

We the Space Hijackers, hereby challenge you and your fellow Members of Parliament to a game of cricket. We challenge you to show us that your morals and behaviour are fit to govern this country. Prove to us that your support of the Olympic bid was not just more hot air. Prove to us and the rest of the country that you are what you claim to be. Prove it to us on the batting crease.

We look forward to receiving your acceptance or decline of the challenge in the very near future. A decline of our challenge will be seen by us and the entire British Public as acceptance that you are the morally and honourably corrupt government that we suspect. We shall see you at the pitch.

Space Hijackers (first 11) vs The Members Of Parliament (first 11), Mayday 2005, Parliament Square, London
Poster for the event, inviting politicians to 'step up to the crease' and defend their honour.

Banners outside Parliament Square, Mayday 2005, London
Facing Parliament is a wall of anti-war banners, put up by Brian Haw, who has been living - and protesting - in the square since 1st June 2001.

Anarchist Mayday Cricket game, Mayday 2004, Parliament Square, London
We arrived to find the Anarchist Mayday Cricket game starting up, put on by those mischievous chaps, the Space Hijackers.


Mayday 2004, Parliament Square, London
The players were nicely turned out in full cricket whites.

Mayday 2004, Parliament Square, London
It was a lovely day to relax on the lawn outside the 'mother of all Parliaments' and chomp on cucumber sandwiches.


Cricket game, Mayday 2004, Parliament Square, London
Good shot, sir!

The cricket team, Mayday 2004, Parliament Square, London
The Space Hijackers cricket team pose for a post-match picture.

Top work, chaps!


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