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History of the railways around Monmouth and the Wye Valley branch line, Monmouthshire, Wales
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Wye Valley Railway chronology
Railway timeline

1865 First plans of proposed railway drawn up.
13th July, 1866 Reading of Parliamentary Bill (amended plan).
10th August, 1866 Parliament sanctions line.
22nd November, 1872 Formal agreement signed for the building of Wireworks branch.
25th March, 1874 Publication of Prospectus.
May 1874 Construction work commences on Wye Valley line.
June 1874 Construction work commences on Wireworks branch.
August 1874 Wireworks branch completed.
14th June, 1875 Wye Valley Railway Amendment Act passed.
28th October, 1876 Special train carrying officials makes journey along branch.
lst November, 1876 Railway officially opened to the public.
Ist September, 1883 Wyesham Junction to Coleford branch opened.

Railways around Monmouth and the Wye Valley branch line, Monmouthshire, Wales
Eastern end of Monmouth Troy station in 1956. The Wye Valley Railway branches to the right before crossing the River Wye. The line to the left continues to Ross-on-Wye. (Pic: Arthur Day)

December 1904 Circular from Chairman to shareholders informing them of take-over.
lst July, 1905 Wye Valley Railway amalgamated with the GWR.
1st May, 1909 Bigsweir station renamed St Briavels and Llandogo.
1912 Tintern station renamed 'for Brockweir'.
1st January, 1917 Coleford branch closed.
January 1917 Tidenham station closed.
1st February, 1918 Tidenham station re-opened.
11th January, 1927 Redbrook signal box closed.
1st February, 1927 The appendage 'Llandogo' dropped from St Briavels station.
1st February, 1927 Whitebrook Halt opened.
7th March, 1927 Llandogo Halt opened.
30th October, 1928 Tidenham signal box closed.
21st November, 1928 St Briavels signal box closed.
July 1929 Remaining sections of Coleford branch removed.
23rd September, 1929 Brockweir Halt opened.
12th January, 1931 Wyesham Halt opened.
Ist August, 1931 Penallt Halt opened.
18th July, 1932 Netherhope Halt opened.
1935 Redbrook station renamed Redbrook-on-Wye.
February 1941 Rails lifted on Wireworks branch.
4th January, 1959 Last passenger train to use the Wye Valley line.
5th January, 1959 Line officially closed to passenger traffic.
6th January, 1964 Line closed completely from Monmouth Troy station to Quarry.
24th August, 1964 Branch worked as a private siding as far as Tidenham Quarry.
December 1981 Last train through Tidenham tunnel to Tintern Quarry.
September 1992 Last train to Dayhouse Quarry.
1986 Monmouth Troy station building removed and reconstructed at Winchcombe, on the preserved Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway.
2002 Monmouth Troy large goods shed demolished to make way for a small housing estate.

(Source: Wye Valley Railway, BM Handley/R Dingwall, Oakwood Press)


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