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Photographs of the old Wye Valley railway line, Monmouthshire, Wales including Monmouth Troy, Tintern, St Briavels and Redbrook-on-Wye
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Wye Valley images
Contemporary photos of the disused line
(Photos and words ©urban75, Nov 2009)

Abbey Tinplate Works bridge, Wye Valley branch line, Monmouthshire, Wales
Built in 1875, this bridge carried a short-lived branch to the nearby Abbey Tinplate Works. Known as the Wireworks branch, the line proved to be a financial disaster - the wireworks had closed by the time construction of the line was completed.

The line struggled on with a local sawmill and tunery works providing light traffic. Wagons were propelled by a small secondhand steam locomotive and horse power.

The branch line was rendered useless after the tracks buckled in the intense heat of the summer of 1935. The track was lifted in 1941. (Pic: August 2004)

Wireworks branch bridge, Wye Valley branch line, Monmouthshire, Wales
The old Wireworks branch bridge now serves as a handy pedestrian crossing. (Pic: August 2004)


View from the Wireworks bridge, near Tintern station, Wye Valley branch line, Monmouthshire, Wales
Tintern Abbey seen from the Wireworks bridge. (Pic: August 2004)

River Wye, Tintern station, Wye Valley branch line, Monmouthshire, Wales
The beautiful River Wye as seen from the base of the old bridge, to the south of Tintern station. (Pic: August 2004)

St Briavels railway station, Monmouthshire, Wales
The remains of St Briavels railway station. (Pic: Winter 1982)


River Wye in flood by St Briavels station, Monmouthshire, Wales
River Wye in flood by St Briavels station. The line also suffered a dramatic flood in 1955 when the water came up to the platforms's edge. (Pic: Winter 1982)

Penallt viaduct, Wye Valley branch line, Monmouthshire, Wales
(Pic: August 2004)
Built on a gentle curve, Penallt viaduct has an overall span of 300 feet and is constructed with iron girders supported by four pairs of cast iron columns.
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Tintern station, Wye Valley branch line, Monmouthshire, Wales
Penallt viaduct is now used as a footbridge linking Redbrook with the Boat Inn on the west bank of the Wye. (Pic: August 2004)


Boat Inn, Wye Valley branch line, Monmouthshire, Wales
The Boat Inn is situated on the banks of the River Wye and stands in the shadow of the Penallt viaduct, near Redbrook. (Pic: August 2004)


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