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Stop the War in Iraq - resources, links, discussion and debate about the issues around the US-led war in Iraq
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Stop the war!
Resources, discussion and debate around the war in Iraq.

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Million march against war: BBC
Millions march: BBC report
Glasgow march: BBC report
A million march for peace:- ITN
2 million' people streets: CNN

Anti war protests and actions

ARCHIVE: London - 15th February 2003
(This is the press release issued before Feb 15th, 2003)

No War On Iraq
Assemble 12 noon at Embankment, London (nearest tube Embankment) to march at 12:30pm [Resources]. The demonstration is being jointly organised by the Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Muslim Association of Britain.

Young anti-capitalists, anarchists and anti-authoritarians are being invited to gather in London at 12 pm on the South Bank for the anti-war demo. look for the black flags under Waterloo Bridge (outside the NFT cafe). For more info email Contact number for the day is 07814 629780

Mass Love In at Eros, Piccadilly
Meet in Green Park at 5pm (or later if the march hasn't finished by then) and make your way to Piccadilly, following giant love hearts, where there will be a sit down protest. For more details call ARROW 0845 458 2564 or Voices in the Wilderness on 0794 7839992

Protest at Grosvenor Square
Suggestions have been made that we make clear our feelings about the agitators behind teh drive to war. Meet at Picadilly/Green Park tube at 2:30 PM to march through Mayfair to Grosvenor Square. If the forces of darkness make it difficult to gather beforehand then make your way to Grovesnor Square for 3pm. These times give an alternative to listening to the rousing speaches in Hyde Park, but still join the sit down protest later.

Autonomous Actions
See this posting on Indymedia for some autonomous action ideas for the 15th or any time! Indymedia site

Kazoo Orchestra
Here's an original autonomous action or you; meet at the Royal Festival Hall bar at 12pm, bring a kazoo and a banana (for a marching band salute as you pass downing street) and wear red...

Warmongers of London Walk
Arms and oil corporations are well placed to make fat profits from the impending war with Iraq - find out who and why with this Corporate Watch suggested walk

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Action direct action/protest homepage events diary first panorama

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