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Stop the War in Iraq - resources, links, discussion and debate about the issues around the US-led war in Iraq
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Stop the war!
Resources, discussion and debate around the war in Iraq, post-war Iraq and American policy.

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UK campaign resources
UK based campaign sites

More campaign resources
Global campaigns, news and analysis

Iraq: background
Background briefing

Arabic news media
Arabic/Iraqi media sources

London Feb 15th 2003
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» Halt US power: support the Euro
» Vietnam-style quagmire? P Tatchell
» No Way Out by George Monbiot
» Privatising Iraq by Naomi Klein
» Optimistic quotes from Info Minister

REPORTS/ANALYSIS (external links)
» Fuelling poverty
» Iraq: latest media reports
» BBC: Iraq crisis hour-by-hour
» BBC War in Iraq
» Guardian: BBC War in Iraq
» Arabic/Iraq news sources

Lebanon solidarity, July 2006
London march 24th Sept 2005
London rally 20th March 2004
London rally 27th Sept 2003
London rally 22nd March 2003
Hyde Park panorama
Brixton protest 20/3
School kids protest 19/3
Feb 15th march photos
Piccadilly Circus panorama
Bumper list of banner captions!

» Cardiff protest 20/3
» London: million on march 15/2
» New York, USA report 15/2
» Glasgow, Scotland report15/2
» Glasgow report 2, 15/2
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Stop the War

Urban75 events diary

Vote No to War!

Local anti-war groups

Fax your MP

Know your rights!
legal help and info

Slap the people who got us into this mess: Bin Laden, Blair, Bush and Saddam.

Action direct action/protest homepage events diary first panorama

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